Cesium measured from American green nuts

A Japanese supermarket chain, Maruetsu measured cesium from pistachio imported from US. [Link]

(cf. Japan exports Fukushima peach and has Imperial family consume it)

98% of American pistachio is produced in California. [Link]

The measurement was on 8/11/2012, it was 9.54 Bq/Kg. (Cs-137)


Also, 5.59 Bq/Kg of Cs-137 was measured from Japanese trout. It was from Shiga in western Japan.(540km from Fukushima plant)

6.62 Bq/Kg of Cs-137 was measured from beef in Shimane. Shimane is in western Japan as well. (750 km from Fukushima plant)

This is as much as beef in Chiba (6.43 Bq/Kg, Cs-137), where is in eastern Japan. Chiba is only 220km from Fukushima plant, is known to be a hotspot.


Cesium measured in green nuts from US


Cesium measured in green nuts from US 2





  1. I review all the latest alternative media all day long.
    But the woman who is paying my bills, with whom i share a house,
    is intentionally ignoring all safety. She just ate a pound of
    pistachios from the Bay Area, in about one day or so.
    We are Saved by Jesus, so I guess ya gotta Go one way or another.
    One Way, The Light and the Truth.
    Prophecy called “Wormwood” an important Item to watch for,
    and behold!
    Chernobyl the word in Russian language, translates to “Wormwood”.
    These confirmations of Prophecy are designed to Attract the
    intellectual thinker who may otherwise consider Religion to be silly.
    I submit for your thinking activity: “Chernobyl” as the First World-wide
    notice of the burning death cauldron of nuclear disaster, and the
    general term of “Chernobyl” or “Chernobyl-ism” applied to Fukushima,
    as the now-obvious Death Sentence for Most, if not All Life, not only “human”.
    We still have the very serious, very deadly prophecies ahead of us,
    regarding Fearful Signs in the Sky, which bring Earthquakes, firey Meteors,
    and Oceans slopping over with giant Tsunami, just like the movies.
    Thank You Jesus for rescuing my Soul. I Love You.
    I Love All you disaster-stricken People. Jesus wants You Forever!
    These signs and wonders are for you smarty-pants to understand,
    There is A Most High Creator God Who Loves You. Yahshua! Jesus! Amen!

        1. It’s your mind brainwashed Larry. From earliest childhood you’ve been duped. You’re going to be judged by a God you willingly ignore in spite of His fingerprints all over Creation. He wrote the programming in all the DNA, as well as all the physical laws of the universe, among everything else. He even put on flesh and came to earth, and died to satisfy His own requirement for justice, and the majority of humanity disbelieve Him, and use His name as a curseword. You’ll see the end times, they are starting now.

  2. Darn, I too consumed the delectable nut thinking how fortunate I am to know how to replace my cesium saturated seafood with vegetable proteins…aah well…the bell tolls for we…migjht as well finish the bag…where to go?

  3. No amount is good.

    What does 9.54 becquerels per kilogram of Cesium 137 mean in measurement terms?

    How high of a dose is it?

  4. It’s A dose. A dose that should not naturally happen. It all cumulates with the other doses we get from the sun, x-rays, airoplane flights, mobile phones, meltdowns at cherny, 3 mile island, Sellafield etc.. unless you do the research yourself (that means feeding someone radiation until they die) you will never know how much a human can handle because the nuclear industry will NEVER be honest with us.

    I see the BBC reports that 2 in 3 people will have cancer in the next 20 years. And Tepco have forecasted radiation data for the next 40 years – indicating that they are definately not going to fix fukushima. You are getting an idea of how ‘clean and safe and cheap’ nuclear is now ?

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