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[Express] “Sightseeing place possibly accumulates radiation from tourists’ shoes”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.     <Translate> Shockingly, the atmospheric dose was 0.09 μSv/h in the hotel room of Kyoto. I wonder if it’s carried by the shoes of the tourists from all around Japan and the carpet accumulates it. It was about 0.05 ~ 0.06μSv/h outside. <End> 京都のホテルの室内がRadiで0.09マイクロもあってビックリしたんだけど、各地から来た人の靴裏に付いて密閉された部屋のカーペットに運ばれてくるのだろうか?外は0.05とか0.06ぐらいだったのだが。 — あおしま@さん [...]

Contaminated fish from Aomori was sold in Kyoto

According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Cs-134/137 was measured from fish in Aomori and Iwate, and they were sold in Kyoto. 1. Sample : Mackerel Origin : Aomori Cs-137 : 0.63 Bq/Kg Sampling date : 12/4/2012 2. Sample : Pacific cod Origin : Aomori Cs-134 : 8.17 Bq/Kg Cs-137 : 13.9 Bq/Kg Sampling date [...]

276,000 Bq/Kg from soil of Kashiwa Chiba

Kyoto newspaper reported high level of cesium was measured in the soil of Kashiwa Chiba, where is known to be hotspot. The information was found in the article about evacuees from Kanto area to Kyoto. 柏市では昨年10月、高濃度の放射性セシウムに汚染された土壌が見つかった。1キログラム当たり27万6千ベクレル。神奈川県など原発から遠い地域でも「ホットスポット」が報告されるたびに恐怖感が募った。柏市で除染や放射線測定の活動に参加したが、除染した場所で再び線量が高くなる事例が続いた。長男が原因不明の下痢に悩まされたことも不安に拍車をかけた。 <Translate> In Kashiwa city Chiba, highly contaminated soil was found in October. 2011. It was 276,000 Bq/Kg. ・・・The evacuee [...]

Disaster debris incineration will start at 500m from Maizuru Kyoto

Takahama machi Fukui prefecture is going to accept disaster debris from Ohtsuki machi Iwate prefecture as of October. Ohtsuki machi Iwate is about 230km from Fukushima plant.   The incineration ash is going to be filled in the incombustible waste disposal site, where is only 500m from Maizuru city Kyoto. They are going to accept [...]

Largest supermarket chain and Imperial family move their back up in western Japan

  The center of Japan is starting to shift from Tokyo to western Japan. (cf. HSBC is evacuating Japan) The largest Japanese supermarket chain, Aeon decided to send executives from Chiba to Nagoya airport in Aichi by helicopter in case of emergency. Their head office is in Mihama Chiba city Chiba currently. About 500 [...]

Cesium measured from rice and milk sold in western Japan

According to the report of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare published on 7/18/2012, contaminated food made in polluted areas is distributed even in western Japan as expected. They detected 3.0 Bq/Kg of cesium from milk made in Iwate, and it was sold in Kyoto. (represented in red below) They also detected 5.5 Bq/Kg of cesium from [...]

Confederate hired by JP gov was from Junior Chamber International Japan

Following up this article..Picture of the confederate from government It turned out that the confederates were the members of Junior Chamber International Japan. (JCI→Link) This Authorization of Public Interest Incorporated Associations was accused of sexual harassment twice in 1998, indecent assault and murder-robbery in 2003, embezzlement in 2004, accidental mortality in 2006. Japanese former prime minister Asotaro [...]

Picture of the confederate from government

Following up this article..Intense protest against sharing radioactive debris policy in Kyoto Confederates were caught by camera in the protests. They are holding the board to say “Let’s support disaster area by sharing the debris.” Source   onodekita @onodekita (京都)『「今こそ広域処理」とか「絆」とか書いたプラカードも見えてますが、サクラ・バイトな人たちで、背広の上に緑や白のそろいのユニフォーム着てました。プラカードもA4だかB4だかの統一サイズに、印刷、ラミネート処理ずみ。しかも印字は黒と赤のみ。仕事場で作ってきたでしょ、って感じ』 Source <Translate> You can see the boards to say “Let’s share the debris” or “Kizuna (=sense of [...]

Intense protest against sharing radioactive debris policy in Kyoto

Hosono, minister of economy visited Kyoto to request Yamada governor accept the radioactive debris. He also planned to give a speech and distribute pamphlets in front of Kyoto station but because of the too much protest action, it was cancelled. At first he appealed for the sentiment, “Disaster debris reminds the victims of Tsunami”, but [...]

Settlement report 3/5/2012

Donation : 75.00 USD Expense : Food 10.00USD, Train 27.00USD Profit : 38.00USD Thank you very much. I’m finally back to my HOME in EU. such a long trip but it altered my life. Some people worried about me because I sounded (was) tired. Sorry, I’m already getting better. I think everyone would get tired [...]

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