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Over 100,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 still detected in a park of Chiba

101,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was measured from the soil of a park in Chiba. A citizen’s organization “PLANET ROCK” analyzed and reported this October. The location is “Shin-Matsudo central park”

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60% of surveyed area had land subsidence in Chiba / Double as last year and the reason not identified

60% of surveyed area in 2013 had land subsidence in Chiba prefecture. It was 2040 km2, which is nearly as double as 2012. Chiba prefectural government states the land subsidence

Effects to be confirmed Health

Cesium-134/137 detected from the body of 20 citizens in Kashiwa city Chiba / 11 are under 6 years old

On 7/3/2014, Kashiwa city of Chiba announced they detected Cesium-134/137 from 20 citizens.   Kashiwa city government supports the citizen under 18 years old and pregnant women for a part

Domestic and global Environment

[Photo] 4.3 μSv/h on the street of Matsudo city Chiba

      On a shared radiation map, it is reported that 4.282 μSv/h was detected in Matsudo city Chiba. There are UFJ Bank Limited and The Daiei, Inc. nearby.

Domestic and global Environment Ecology

[Photo] 245 Bq/Kg from “pine needle” of Chiba city

      A Japanese citizen posted a radiation analysis result on Twitter. It’s “pine needle”, they detected 245 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 (68 Bq/Kg : Cesium-134, 177 Bq/Kg : Cesium-137).

Confirmed effects

4 children diagnosed thyroid abnormality only with visual inspection and palpation without ultrasound in Abiko city

Doctors found thyroid abnormality among children only by visual inspection and palpation in Chiba.   Last September, Abiko city in Chiba announced they implemented thyroid test in elementary school and

Domestic and global Environment

Kashiwa city gov also warned not to go close to the river

  Following up this article.. Matsudo city government “Don’t go close to the river, the radiation level is overly high” [URL]   Kashiwa city government in Chiba also warned not


Matsudo city government “Don’t go close to the river, the radiation level is overly high”

↑ A warning of Matsudo city gov in Chiba. It reads “In this area (to the next bridge), radiation level goes higher toward the river. For the safety measure, please

Natural disasters

M4.9 hit Kanto region again / Maximum seismic intensity 4

  M4.9 hit Kanto region at 8:35 AM on 5/13/2014 (JST). The epicenter was North West part of Chiba prefecture. The depth was 80km. However the maximum seismic intensity was

Natural disasters

Two M4 quakes hit Kanto region within only 2 minutes on 4/10/2014

Two M4 class of the earthquakes hit Kanto region within only 2 minutes on 4/10/2014, according to Japan Meteorological Agency.   The first one occurred at 13:17 (JST), magnitude was