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Cover-ups Plant hazard

Mr.Koide “Robot technology can’t be help, human must decommission Fukushima by themselves.”

Tepco is trying to develop robot technology to settle down Fukushima. (cf. Tepco developing remote controlling robots, wall crawler, airship, RPV diver, etc..) On 10/18/2012, Mr. Koide commented Tepco can’t

Core removing struggle Spent Fuel Pools

Mr.Koide “Tepco can’t pick up melted fuel in core but they must remove fuel from SFPs before stone coffin”

  Assistant professor. Koide from Kyoto university had an interview of journalist Imanishi on 10/18/2012. In this interview, Mr. Koide commented stone coffin is the only solution but they must


Mr. Koide “There might be somewhere hotter than 100℃”

  On the press conference of 2/7 AM, Tepco announced they ended up injecting 1094 Kg of boric acid to reactor 2 though they were planning to inject 960Kg.  


Dr. Koide from Kyoto uni “Tepco’s assumption is baseless”

On the radio program, “Tanemaki journal” on MBS, Dr. Koide from Kyoto University stated that Tepco’s assumption to tell there is still 37 cm to go has no basis. Dr.


[Mr.Koide warns]

Mr.Koide analyzes the spent fuel pool of unit 4 is severely damaged because of the past explosion.(hydrogen explosion ?) The explosion happened downstair of the spent fuel now almost

Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Nuclear Expert “Fukushima plant is now like a swamp of radioactive material due to the contaminated water”

Photo : Tepco’s first discharge of contaminated groundwater to the Pacific   Assistant professor. Koide from Kyoto university commented on a radio program that Fukushima plant area is like a


[Video] 10 μSv/h in front of Minamisoma city hall after decontamination, “atmospheric dose is increasing”

  Mr. Oyama, Minamisoma city councilor reported the radiation measurement in front of Minamisoma city hall. The measuring date is 6/8/2013. The reading was 8 ~ 10 μSv/h. The area

Contaminated water crisis

[Endlessly increasing contaminated water] Tepco “Please give us a good idea”

  About the endlessly increasing contaminated water, Tepco announced they cannot build the underground impervious wall. As Fukushima Diary has been reporting, there is no way of technically stopping contaminated

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco is about to discharge pumped ground water to sea, “They won’t remove 21,000 Bq/m3 of Tritium”

According to Tepco, they are ready to discharge pumped ground water to the sea. Currently 400 tones of ground water flows to the plant everyday. To control this water, Tepco

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

[Analysis] There is no way of stopping ground water flowing into the plant

Now Reuters is the only foreign media to attend Tepco’s press conference. I appreciate them, am not meant to criticize at all. The biggest issue in Fukushima is the potential