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[Column] Burning water

7:30 AM. It was time to clean my turtles. They are Chinese pond turtles, I bought them when I was 9 years old and we had been together for almost


Hokkaido newspaper “Millions of people around in Tokyo area are living in radiation controlled area”

On 8/4/2012, Hokkaido Newspaper mentioned the contamination situation around in Tokyo area by quoting the comment of assistant Prof. Koide from Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. “According to government’s research,


Kitakyushu city mayor threatens a supermarket chain to arrest the founder not to sell Fukushima food

A local supermarket chain “Sunlive” [Link] is oppressed by Kitakyushu city mayor. (cf.Kitakyushu city starts incineration of disaster debris to arrest nonviolent protesters) The son of the founder ordered his


Koriyama board of education stops decontamination of schools

Related to this article..Reality in Fukushima [Video] Prof. Yamauchi Tomoya from Kobe university confessed the board of education of Koriyama city stops decontamination, on the radio show MBS Tanemaki journal.


How many people should evacuate Japan ?

  Today’s question is Hello Mochizuki San, In your next video, could you say how much of Japan you think should be evacuated? Is the Western part of Honshu ok?


What was Fukushima ?

  This is been one of the biggest theme of this blog, and my activity. It’s still vague but we are slowly starting to know what it actually is. From


Fall-out in Fukushima is increasing again

Following up this article about reactor 4 spent fuel boiling… Fall-out of Ce134 and 137 spiked up after the new year’s day in Fukushima. Having the peak on 1/2/2012 and


Beginning of the 13 th month of 2011

  Just after 311 ,I didn’t know what to do. The only thing I knew was I can no longer trust the gov and NHK. A friend of mine told


List of people and organizations under the surveillance

This is the list of the people and organizations under the surveillance of Japanese government from 2008 to 2010. A Japanese journalist Sasaki Keiichi asked for the data through access to


What must be done for melt out

Currently, at least 3 reactors are having melt out. Even Mr.Koide from Kyoyo University, who has been the most insightful advisory of us says, there is no major risk of