[Column] Different future from Chernobyl

Writing this on the airplane to Budapest. I’m going to meet an evacuee family from Fukushima.

I have been following their journey and reading their historical health problems on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s impressive to be finally able to meet them.


I don’t know how many times I have flown since 2011. So many places to stay, so many people to meet.

All the things I’ve ever been doing can be summarized into one phrase -to see the different future from Chernobyl.


Future is not something to recall. It’s something to create.

When we think about the future after Fukushima effect, we shouldn’t be recalling what happened in Chernobyl 2 years or 3 years after the accident.

We should be thinking where we are bringing ourselves to.

Don’t let the historians repeat themselves.


In reality, the future after Fukushima effect is likely to be different from Chernobyl -way worse than that.

but on the other hand, we have the internet now.

We still could do something.


I know I’m against the policy. After the election, I’m feeling more pressure. but that means I’m doing something right.

and I still have lots of the things to say.


It’s not only the matter of Japan. It never be only the matter of Fukushima. It’s the matter of the entire Pacific and the world.

If I can consult anyone or have a speech somewhere, I’d love to dedicate myself. Raising awareness seems to be the only way to break through.



Don’t be their accomplice.


Français :

[Édito] Un futur autre que Tchernobyl


J’écris ceci depuis l’avion vers Budapest. Je vais rencontrer une famille évacuée de Fukushima.
J’ai suivi leur voyage et lu l’historique de leurs problèmes de santé sur Twitter et Facebook.
C’est impressionnant d’être finalement en mesure de les rencontrer.

Je ne sais pas combien de fois j’ai pris l’avion depuis 2011. Tellement d’endroits où aller, tellement de gens à rencontrer.
Toutes les choses que j’ai bien pu faire peuvent se résumer en une phrase -avoir un futur différent de Tchernobyl.

Le futur n’est pas quelque chose dont on se souvient. C’est quelque chose à créer.
Quand on pense au futur après les effets de Fukushima, on ne devrait pas avoir à se rappeler ce qui s’est passé à Tchernobyl 2 ou 3 ans après l’accident.
On devrait plutôt penser à où on va nous-mêmes.
Ne laissez pas les historiens se répéter.

En réalité, le futur après les effets de Fukushima sera différent de Tchernobyl – il sera bien pire.
mais d’un autre côté, on a internet maintenant.
On peut toujours faire quelque chose.

Je sais bien que je suis contre la politique. Je me sens plus pressuré après les élections . mais ça veut dire que je fais quelque chose de correct.
et j’ai toujours des tas de choses à dire.

Ça ne concerne pas que le Japon. Ça ne sera jamais seulement l’histoire de Fukushima. Ça concerne tout le Pacifique et le monde.
Si je pouvais demander à tout un chacun, ou prendre la parole quelque part, j’aimerai m’y consacrer. Attirer l’attention me semble être le seul chemin pour s’en sortir.

Ne soyez pas leurs complices.





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One Response to “[Column] Different future from Chernobyl”

  1. Ziro says:

    think back to all the Greats in history.. all of them were imprisoned by Religious Society just because they stumbled upon a massive truth.. Galileo perhaps being one of the humble greats. he proved The Sun does not orbit The Earth & even more that The Earth is not flat.. yet greeted with Christian Heresy at its finest. Captured in some dark prison cell for years until he went blind despite being the father of the Telescope, only to be pardoned after death. Engineers of TEPCO still believe the entire universe rotates around them financially, & i do believe they are stuck with the notion that the earth is flat & that dinner plate is nuclear energy. so this has been going on for how long? & you expect things like society & religion to change? into what.. their counterparts like Atheism or Scientology? what if Jesus was Radiation? doing all those ‘midevil miracle cures’.. what if Krishna is Mutation? born from some mutated blue ocean. What if Mohammed is Nuclear Fission? the unstable anger & temperament that never ceases.. what if.. Buddha is Nuclear Energy? he has just as many followers across the metaphorical planet.

    nuclear shadows of unforgiving light.

    We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.
    -Galileo Galilei
    Nationality: Italian Type: Scientist Born: February 15, 1564 Died: January 8, 1642


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