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[Latest Photo] Namie-machi back to nature

Japan Wild Bird Association visited Namie-machi in Fukushima and posted the latest photo on Twitter. The area they visited is still under evacuation order. Japanese government is preparing to lift

Contaminated water crisis

[Nightmare] 900,000,000 Bq/m3 of all β detected from groundwater on the east side of reactor2

Having measured the significantly high level of Tritium from groundwater on the east side of reactor2, Tepco made additonal borings and is investigating furthermore. On 7/3/2013, Fukushima Diary reported they


Power demand lower than last year for 5 continuous months, Tepco reported it only in Japanese

The net system energy demand for Tepco has been lower than the same term of 2012 for 5 continuous months. Tepco states it is because the inspection days were shorter

Contaminated water crisis

Radiation level of leakage detector hole in “empty” reservoir increasing 70 times higher than 1 month ago

In order to control increasing contaminated water to retain, Tepco made 7 reservoirs but they started leaking this April. Tepco supposedly completed transferring all the contaminated water from the leaking

Contaminated water crisis Plant hazard

Oil still leaking from crane vehicle of Fukushima plant, fire department “leakage of dangerous substances”

Following up this article..Oil leakage from 25 tones crane vehicle in Fukushima nuclear plant [URL] According to Tepco, they still haven’t stopped the oil leakage yet. It’s still dripping every

Contaminated water crisis

Tritium density in seawater spiked triple times higher in 5 days, “2,200,000 Bq/m3”

According to Tepco, Tritium density increased to be three times higher within 5 days. Having measured extremely high level of Tritium from groundwater, they are analyzing seawater. From the sample