Tepco considers using aquifer in great deep for contaminated water storage

On 5/30/2013, the committee of experts suggested Tepco an idea of using the aquifer of great deep for increasing contaminated water storage.

400 tones of ground water flows into the plant on the daily basis. Having contaminated water continuously increasing, Tepco is forced to find a new water storage.

The committee of experts suggested to use aquifer of great deep or build a storage facility in great deep, so the radiation from the retained water doesn’t reach above the ground. They emphasized the importance of investigating the proper geologic stratum and the potential construction period.




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Français :

Tepco envisage d’utiliser un aquifère à grande profondeur pour stocker les eaux extrêmement radioactives


Le 20 mai 2013, le comité d’experts a suggéré à Tepco l’idée d’utiliser un aquifère de grande profondeur pour le stockage en continuelle augmentation des eaux extrêmement radioactives.

400 tonnes d’eaux souterraines inondent la centrale tous les jours. La quantité d’eaux contaminées augmentant tous les jours, Tepco est obligé de trouver un nouvel espace de stockage de ces eaux.
Le comité d’experts a suggéré d’utiliser un aquifère de grande profondeur ou de construire un espace de stockage à grande profondeur pour que la radioactivité des eaux stockées ne puisse pas revenir en surface. Ils ont insisté sur l’importance de rechercher une strate géologique adaptée et le moment de sa construction.


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One Response to “Tepco considers using aquifer in great deep for contaminated water storage”

  1. Not My Problem says:

    These are the BEST minds at work on this problem? My God.
    These had to be the kids, when growing up, went to school on the “short bus!” I really think these “experts” thnk this would be a brilliant thing to do!

    See, this is why this kind of energy should be illegal to use. No one is smart enough to figure out what to do with the radiated water or contaminated products this disaster created.

    Thousands of years this going to go on, Right?
    I mean really, theoretically at that rate of pollution, the Earth will have it’s entire surface covered in radioactivty by the time this stuff starts decaying.

    Well, enjoy what’s left of your life!

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