Japanese new propaganda “Eat fish”

Japanese new propaganda "Eat fish"


38,000 Bq/Kg of cesium was detected from Fukushima fish. (cf. 38,000 Bq/kg from Fukushima fish)
Radiation is still leaking from Fukushima plant, fishery food is obviously contaminated.
People avoid marine products, but Japanese government is trying to spread the radioactive fish.

On 8/23/2012, Japanese fisheries agency started the brand called “fast fish” to sell with supermarket chain and food makers. It’s pre-cooked fish like fast food.


Japanese new propaganda "Eat fish" 2
The purpose is to make people consume more sea food. It’s on the assumption that people are buying less fishery products because it takes time to cook supposedly. However, because pre-cooked fish is defined as “daily dish”, sellers are not obliged to label the origin of the products.

Japanese fisheries agency has already admitted 64 kinds of products as “fast fish”. One of the major supermarket chain, Itoyokado has already started selling 6 kinds of the fast fish products at 160 branches.

The agency is going to add more products to the fast fish list every 1~2 months.







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6 Responses to “Japanese new propaganda “Eat fish””

  1. jec says:

    Fast Fish..guess if a fish is deformed, the public would not buy it. But cooked and cut up..they can hide problems..like deformed heads, body or fins..or tumors. Just use the good looking parts..toss the bad parts for fish meal or minced fish. Wish some one would take a good look at the fish before cooking to see if normal looking and not diseased.

  2. beijingyank says:

    In sixty years you will be able to distinguish Japanese from all other asians. They will be the ones with two heads, three arms and two noses.

  3. Nick Thabit says:

    Someone I know went into the fish department at a large supermarket here and started testing fish with a geiger counter. The manager came to him and asked, “what are you doing?” he responded, “I want to check for radioactivity, I.. ” “Please leave the store right now.”

  4. RealJapanrocks says:

    I already know of 3-5 countries quietly banning marine products from Japan. It is a matter of time before a full ban on marine products take place. Governments overseas are only being diplomatic for now. at the expense of their citizens. But it will be past tipping point soon. BTW, a lot of seaweed processing and production for Japanese consumers have shifted overseas.

  5. Mimi Mato says:

    FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – La nouvelle propagande japonaise : “Mangez du poisson”.
    Par Mochizuki, le 24 août 2012 · 4 Commentaires.


    38 000 Bq/kg de césium ont été détectés dans du poisson de Fukushima. (cf. http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/08/38000-bqkg-from-fukushima-fish/)
    La radioactivité fuit toujours de l’usine de Fukushima, les produits marins sont évidemment contaminés.
    Les gens évitent les produits marins mais le gouvernement essaye de distribuer le poisson radioactif.

    Le 23 août 2012, l’agence des pêcheries japonaises a lancé une marque nommée “fast fish” (poisson rapide) pour vendre aux chaînes de supermarchés et aux fabricants de produits alimentaires. C’est du poisson pré-cuit, comme en fast-food.


    Le but est de faire consommer plus de produits marins. C’est basé sur l’hypothèse que les gens achètent moins de poisson parce que c’est soi-disant long à cuire. Toutefois, attendu que le poisson pré-cuit est défini comme un “produit de base”, les revendeurs ne sont pas obligés d’en préciser l’origine.

    L’agence des pêcheries japonaise a déjà rangé 64 types de produits dans les “fast fish”. Une des plus grandes chaînes de supermarchés, Itoyokado, a déjà commencé à en vendre 6 types dans 160 de ses branches de distribution.

    L’agence va ajouter plus de produits à la liste des “fast fish”, tous les 1 à 2 mois.

    Source : http://www.sankeibiz.jp/macro/news/120824/mca1208240834007-n1.htm

  6. mr. fancy pants says:

    And to think you have to pay to be irradiated! Just give it to TEPCO executive families. Make them eat the fish.

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