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Breaking news Export from Japan Politics

Miyagi fishery cooperative to export sea squirt to Hong Kong for the import regulation of S. Korea

Sea squirt [Wikipedia] will be exported to Hong Kong from this September. Japan is seeking for the new consumer base of marine products taken near Fukushima prefecture. (Cf, 5 Billion Bq

Breaking news Export from Japan Politics

S. Korea rejected contaminated scrap iron imported from Japan / Radiation level 5 times much as safety limit

On 8/11/2014, the government of South Korea announced they rejected scrap iron from Japan. It was imported on 8/7/2014. They measured Cs-137 from 20 kg of the total volume 20

Contaminated water crisis Export from Japan Food contamination Sea contamination

JP Gov to consider filing a suit in WTO against S. Korea for banning all fishery products from 8 prefectures

Japanese having contaminated water leaking to the Pacific cluelessly, South Korean government decided to ban all the fishery products from 8 prefectures in Japan on 9/6/2013. On 9/17/2013, the Minister of


National Institute of Public Health,”To make Africa accept nuclear plants, people must take risk and stay in Fukushima”

According to Japanese journalists and comedian duo Oshidori, National Institute of Public Health thinks Fukushima people must accept the radiation risk otherwise they can’t make African nations, South Korea and


[Bloomberg] North Korea Seen Preparing Rocket Launch as Soon as Next Week

<Quote> [Bloomberg] North Korea has moved two sections of a long-range rocket to a launch site in preparation for a firing that may come as soon as next week, according


North Korea mentioned the possibility to attack Japanese nuclear plant in 2007

On 11/6/2012, Daily Ahn, a Korean internet media reported that North korea mentioned the possibility to attack Japanese nuclear plant by missile. It’s stated like this below, 「ロケット(ミサイル)1発で、日本列島にある原発一つを破壊した場合、広島に落ちた原爆の320倍の爆発が起こる」 <Translate> If


[WSJ] Osaka Mayor Urges Takeshima Action on Twitter

<Quote> [The Wall Street Journal] If any Japanese politician has fully embraced the power of Twitter it’s Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto. On Monday, the former lawyer and TV commentator took

Export from Japan Sea contamination

South Korea added eel to banned list to import “Now 71 sorts of products are in the banned list”

  Regardless of the marketing effort, more and more Fukushima / Japanese fishery products are rejected by the world. Following up this article..South Korea banned import of additional 35 types

Sea contamination

South Korea banned import of additional 35 types of marine products

Regardless of radioactive contamination, Fukushima’s agricultural industry is trying to push their products to all around in Japan. Now that other countries are banning import of more and more products