South Korea banned import of additional 35 types of marine products

Regardless of radioactive contamination, Fukushima’s agricultural industry is trying to push their products to all around in Japan. Now that other countries are banning import of more and more products from Japan, which one is facing the truth and which one is not..

North Pacific giant octopus from Fukushima offshore was dealt at Tsukiji market on 8/2/2012. It was landed on 7/30/2012. (cf. Fukushima is going to start selling marine products)
The winning price was 120% of average to celebrate their restart.

On the other hand, on 7/27/2012, South Korean government decided to ban the import of 35 more sorts of fishery products (including flounder, Manila clam, and urchin) for the possible radioactive contamination.
They explain it was preventive measures. Though this is supposed to be a temporary measures, South Korea has not imported these 35 kinds of fishery products since 311 happened actually.
These 35 kinds of fishery products are banned to sell by Japanese government as well.

So far, 64 kinds of marine products are in their banning list.

This article (Deformed fish is served at Sushi bar) makes me think South Korea is the rational one.

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