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Radiation level spiked up over 30 times much in various places in Fukushima / NRA “It’s summer heat”

Since last week, the spikes of radiation level have been recorded at least 8 locations in Fukushima prefecture. These were observed by the monitoring posts of NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority).

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Radiation levels spiked up with M4.6 in 3 municipalities of Fukushima

[Photo]   Following up this article.. M4.6 hit Hamadori Fukushima / Seismic intensity 4 [URL]   From NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority)’s real time monitoring data (Graphs attached below), radiation levels spiked

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Over 2.2 μSv/h in a park of Fukushima after “decontamination” – Video

A Japanese citizen posted on Youtube that the atmospheric radiation level is over 2.2 μSv/h in a part of Fukushima prefecture. The measurement date was 1/26/2014. It was after so-called


[Photo] Japanese citizen “Geiger counter always detects higher level of radiation on the parcels from Tokyo”

It was posted on Twitter that higher level of radiation is measured on a parcel sent from Tokyo than back ground. The person comments it’s always like this.   0:37

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[Disorder?] Radiation level of PCV spikes when reactor water level decreases in reactor1

According to Tepco’s plant parameter, the radiation level of D/W in reactor1 spikes up when the water level in reactor decreases, which has been in the decreasing trend since late


Radiation level spiked in western Japan, “0.14μSv/h in Ehime”

According to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, radiation level spiked up in some prefectures of western Japan. It might be te rain but the radiation level spiked unusually


[Graph] Radiation level has been increasing since 180 days ago in Fukushima city

On 12/14/2012, Fukushima Diary reported about the tweet that “Radiation level of Fukushima city has been increasing since June” as an Express. [Link] According to the monitoring post of Fukushima prefectural


Radiation level is going up in Fukushima despite decontamination, “From 2 to 10.36 μSv/h in street gutter”

In eastern Fukushima city, radiation level is slowly increasing. According to the measurement of Fukushima city, it’s decreasing supposedly but citizens record the radiation level by themselves and it’s in


Radiation level spiked from 0.06 to 0.21μSv/h in Kagawa

According to the monitoring report of  Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, radiation level spiked up from 0.06μSv/h to 0.21μSv/h in Takamatsu city Kagawa prefecture. Kagawa prefecture is in


Radiation level keeps going up in Tokyo and Kanagawa area

A few hours ago, Fukushima diary reported the increasing radiation level in Tokyo. [LINK] It still keeps going up and the same trend is seen in Kanagawa too.   ↓