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Radiation level is picking up in Tokyo

According to the report of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, radiation level is picking up in Tokyo. The precipitation is 0.5mm/10min, wind is coming from north at 3.0m/s.


Radiation level increasing at 5km area from Fukushima plant

In Futaba machi Yamada, Fukushima prefecture, radiation level is increasing since 8:30 of 10/4/2012. It’s about 4.7km from Fukushima plant. It picked up from around 16 μSv/h to 20 μSv/h


Radiation level picked up 7 times in Kobe

Radiation level spiked up in Kobe. The cause is not verified but some people are weary about sudden debris incineration. Around 1:30 of 8/31/2012 (JST), the radiation level picked up


Yamagata local government quit the daily fall-out measurement

Yamagata is north to Fukushima where is one of the major rice harvesting area in Japan. They have measured Iodine and cesium in the rain, dust, and snow since 3/18/2011