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Cesium-137 detected from a pregnant woman in Matsudo city Chiba

Related to this article..  28 of 32 testees diagnosed A2 in thyroid inspection of Matsudo city Chiba [URL]   Cesium-137 was detected from a pregnant woman in Matsudo city, Chiba prefecture

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[Mystery] The latest Fukushima health report can’t be copied, changed to word format or change encode

On 6/5/2013, Fukushima prefectural government released their latest health report. (cf, 12 Fukushima children diagnosed to have thyroid cancer, 15 more suspected to have cancer, “300% up since February” [URL])


[Express] “Hospital food is full of shiitake mushroom even for a pregnant woman”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> The lunch served at the hospital was full of Shiitake mushroom.. can’t eat it, what do they make a pregnant


[Express] “Policemen are told not to make a child for 2 yrs after going to disaster area”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   警察官の男の子と付き合ってる友達から聞いた話。311以降、多くの警察官が被災地に派遣されていて、戻ってきたら最低2年は子供を作らないように上からお達しがあったと。。。え? — fmkさん (@FumikoKawazoe) 10月 13, 2012 <Translate> I heard this from my friend who’s dating with a policeman. Since 311,


3300 Bq from a pregnant woman in Iwaki city Fukushima

3300 Bq of radioactive material was measured from a pregnant woman in Iwaki city. Fukushima minpo, the original source of this information didn’t address the nuclide, but it’s probably cesium134/137.


New technology of prenatal diagnosis to control down’s syndrome will be introduced in Japan

  National hospitals are timely going to introduce new technology to control human deformation. National Center for Child Health and Development and Showa universal hospital are going to start the


15% of pregnant woman in Fukushima suffer from depression

  15% of the women who were pregnant in 311 or had a birth after 311 in Fukushima are suffering from depression. Health management division of Fukushima prefecture conducted the


Fukushima city rents dosimeter to pregnant women (for 1 week)

Having found numbers of hot spot, Fukushima city is going to rent dosimeter to pregnant women to reassure. It’s starting on 6/1/2012, the lending-period is one week . They distributed