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[Column] The mission of Fukushima Diary – Bridge people’s attention to the end of media neglect

I hate money.   It’s the worst distraction for me. I don’t want to be taking care about donation, but I’d starve without it next month. It makes me nervous.


Yomiuri newspaper to purchase Tepco Ginza branch building for 24 billion yen

According to Tepco, they are going to sell their Ginza branch building and land to the mass media company, Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings and Yomiuri newspaper Tokyo headquarters in order to


[Column] The reason why I published only one article today -Invited by BBC and given 0 sec to talk on the radio show

In the quiet morning of 8/21/2013, I was communicating with my readers on Twitter. Suddenly a lady talked to me if I can be on BBC at 19:30 in JST.


[Reluctant media] Press conference of NRA about sea contamination is nearly empty

On 7/22/2013, Tepco officially admitted the contaminated groundwater is flowing to the sea, and also the seawater comes up to the ground. (cf, [Breaking] Tepco officially admitted contaminated water is

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[Column] Being hated and attacked is one of my jobs

I can’t say who it is, but I sometimes receive emails from American/European musicians. They ask me if it’s safe to go to Japan though they plan to hold concerts

Column Cover-ups

[Column] I hope my presence encourages all kinds of people to question the world

Even if the odds are against us, our urging tenacity to the goal relieves us from the fear to lose. My goal is to convince everyone in the world that

Column Cover-ups

[Column] Don’t wait for them to report the truth and save us.

When you turn on the TV in Romania, you’ll see they broadcast exactly the same TV shows as US, France and Japan. Even if it’s news, music, comedy, they all

Column Cover-ups

[Column] Courage to be a weirdo

This day last year, they protested against the restart of Ohi nuclear plant. Fukushima Diary followed them all day and all night. After all, it was “successfully” restarted and we

Column Cover-ups

[Column] Do you know we are all in the “hotspot” ?

I don’t want you to misunderstand this, I’m not going to quit updating Fukushima Diary never. However when I stand in front of the mirror and ask myself, “Is this


[1st media coverage] A JP major newspaper reported Japanese moving abroad due to Fukushima accident increasingly

On 6/12/2013, a major newspaper company, Tokyo Shimbun reported Japanese people are moving abroad as “long-stay”. [Article] The article says those Japanese people have been significantly increasing since 311. They