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Column Cover-ups

[Column] Two differences between Fukushima Diary and the mass media

Unfortunately Fukushima Diary’s articles have way less influence than the mass media. This is what money and history do. Recently Fukushima Diary has sources directly from Tepco’s data and also


Prof. Takeda “Mass media is concealing the explosion scene of reactor4”

  In the video interview of 3/11/2013, Prof. Takeda from Chubu university commented mass media must hold and conceal the explosion scene of reactor4. (cf, Prof. Takeda “3/31/2015 is the


[Poor attention of foreign media] Only one media-Reuters-attended the first press conference of Fukushima plant chief

On 2/28/2013, the Fukushima plant chief Takahashi held a press conference in their Fukushima headquarters. It was the first press conference of the chief since his inauguration. Fukushima Diary published


[Column] Don’t miss a chance

  The lady was in the black fur coat. In the narrow and old shopping mall, she was walking ahead of me. All the shops were closed, it was dark


[Column] Reality

If you think media is to report the facts, it’s wrong. Media is to create the facts. They are the reality maker. If they report it, it’s real. If they


Sankei newspaper reported 95% of “the people” are for setting up military, 92% of respondents were male

Sankei newspaper reported 95% of the people are for militarizing Japan Self-Defense Force from their original poll. The responds were collected by 1/22/2013. However, 92% of the respondents of this


[Column] Anti-nuke blogs’ need of becoming too big to fail before the censorship over the sharp ridge of trade-off

What if there was North Korea Diary, what if there was Tokyo Diary during WW2, what if there was a Rwandan Diary.. it might have changed their destiny. Unfortunately, I

Domestic and global Environment

[Column] 2 reasons why Fukushima Diary doesn’t cover the “shady” decontamination news

On 1/4/2013, Asahi newspaper “scooped” that the decontamination is not implemented in the proper way in Fukushima. Decontamination workers dumped soil, leaves and stems produced from decontamination into the river,

Column Cover-ups

[Column] Fukushima Diary will take the initiative of international media coverage about Fukushima

Now that media coverage about Fukushima is rapidly shrinking, Fukushima Diary’s reporting is becoming more and more important. Fukushima Diary has been trying to be the fastest Fukushima news site

Column Confirmed effects

[Column] We don’t celebrate Christmas

Soon Christmas is coming but there is no Christmas for radiation. Molten and fractured nuclear fuel keeps reacting regardless of the calendar, also our body is affected by radiation restlessly.