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Fukushima city government donated 10,000 bottles of their tap water to Kumamoto city

On 4/18/2016, Fukushima city Waterworks Bureau donated 10,000 bottles of their tap water to Kumamoto city. Kumamoto city is one of the main disaster areas of 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes. Fukushima

Breaking news Ecology Malformation

A new species of shrimp discovered in swimming beach of Japan

On 12/22/2015, Chiba prefectural government announced they discovered a new species of Shrimp in the coastal area of Chiba prefecture. From May of 2013 to August of 2015, it was

Breaking news Natural disasters

Meteorological Agency “Eruptive activity is becoming intense at Mount Aso. Volcanic tremor continues 24h/day”

Mount Aso, an active volcano of Kumamoto prefecture, is starting to be active, according to Japan meteorological agency. From their monthly report published on 1/13/2015, the eruptive activity has become intense


2.5 Bq/Kg of Cs-137 detected from canned meat sauce manufactured in Kumamoto

According to greencoop, Cs-137 was detected from the canned meat sauce from Kumamoto. The sampling date was 4/23/2013. Cs-137 reading was 2.48 Bq/Kg. The ingredient tomato was produced in Miyagi

Food contamination

[Photo] Tied-sales of Kumamoto vegetables and Fukushima vegetables

Tied-sales of the vegetables from Western Japan and Fukushima was found. 2 packs are marked down to sell for 100 JPY, one is from Kumamoto in Kyushu, and the other


[Not radiation effect] Saitama citizen “Deformed tomato is in every package, origin labelled as Kyushu”

A Saitama citizen reported she found deformed mini-tomatoes in every package sold at a supermarket. The origin was labelled as “Kumamoto (Kyushu)”, it was unusually cheap. (198JPY/package)   <Translate> Now


Thick cirrus cloud observed from Tokyo, Ibaraki, Saitama to Kyushu

Cirrus cloud is a seasonal shape of cloud in Japan for Autumn, but it is rare to see the thick one from multiple locations at once. Around at 16:00 of


Iodine 131 measured from sewage sludge in Kumamoto

Iodine 131 was measured from sewage sludge in Kumamoto city. Kumamoto city is about 1070 km from Fukushima plant. 熊本市の下水からヨウ素131が検出されました。熊本市は福島原発から1070キロ離れています。     7/24/2012   33 Bq/Kg, 31 Bq/Kg 7/25/2012   120 Bq/Kg


0.4 microSv/h from filter of air purification system

  大きな地図で見る Even in Kumamoto, filters of air purification system and vacuum are contaminated. Because air purification system does not take the air in strongly, lungs of human are likely