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[Video] 20 μSv/h still detected in Fukushima city

On 4/23/2015, a citizen’s group detected 20.1 μSv/h in Fukushima city. It was in the river area of Abukuma-gawa river, where is open for everyone as a park. It was over


1,785,216 Bq/Kg of radioactive Cesium from moss in Fukushima city

Significantly high level of Cesium was measured from moss in Fukushima city. The reading is 1,785,216 Bq/Kg. The moss was growing on the top of a building, where is covered


[Express] “12 y.o son had presbyopia after evacuating Chiba”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> Doctor diagnosed my son of 12 years old to have presbyopia. The doctor is puzzled too. It’s been 1.5 years


(Not radiation effect) [Express] “Radiation level jumped up beside the deformed dandelion”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. Fukushima Diary believes all kinds of deformation absolutely have nothing to do with radiation. <Translate> An extraordinarily deformed dandelion is growing very

Confirmed effects

Abiko city conducted thyroid test for pre-elementary school students, “Only visual examination and palpation”

Abiko city Chiba, where is known to be a hotspot conducted the thyroid test for the 1,170 children to enter elementary school this spring. None of the swelling or stiffness


The count of influenza cases per medical institution is the highest in Fukushima all around in Japan

According to National Institute of Infectious Diseases, influenza cases has been rapidly increasing in every prefecture since the beginning of 2013. The count of influenza cases per medical institution is


Mass infection of influenza in Fukushima, “They had all been vaccinated”

22 adults and 2 staff had influenza in the facility to support people with disabilities by 1/18/2013. It’s in Inawashiro machi Fukushima. They were all vaccinated last December. Since last


2.08 μSv/h in front of Kashiwa high school in Chiba

Radiation was measured in front of Chiba prefectural Kashiwa high school on 1/20/2013, where is 200km from Fukushima plant, 35km to the center of Tokyo. Atmospheric dose was 0.18 μSv/h,

Column Malformation

[Column] Looking into the outbreak of norovirus. Is it mutation ? or ..

Norovirus is having an outbreak all around in Japan. A variant of norovirus was found and it is supposed to be the cause of it. However, food-poisoning is not equally


Radiation watcher in Kashiwa is having acute dyspnea and urticaria, “too many emergency cases at the hospital”

The person who reported the yellow substance in Kashiwa has been reporting the acute health problems on twitter since 2 days ago. She was hospitalized but still having difficulty to