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Export from Japan

Russia rejected importing 2 cars from Japan, beta nuclides detected

  According to the far east customs house of Russia, two Japanese cars were rejected at Vladivostok port for excessive level of radiation. They are Nissan X-Trail and Toyota Vitz.

Export from Japan

Since the beginning of 2013, Russia has already returned 8 imported items to Japan for excessive level of radiation

  On 2/7/2013, the customs house of Russia announced they have returned 8 imported items back to Japan for excessive amount of radiation since the beginning of 2013. They have

Export from Japan

Radioactive tea leaves are exported from Japan to Hongkong

  According to the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department in Hongkong, radioactive tea leaves and other agricultural products are imported from Japan to

Export from Japan

Turkey to conduct radiation test to all of the imports from Japan as of 1/1/2013

On 12/30/2012, the ministry of economy in Turkey announced they would conduct radiation test to all of the imports from Japan as of 1/1/2013. They state imports from Japan are

Export from Japan

21.36 μSv/h was measured from a used car to export in Tokyo Dec of 2011

According to citizen’s radiation measuring organization in Saitama, on 12/22/2011, 21.36 μSv/h was measured from a used car in Tokyo. It was measured in a distance from the car. The

Export from Japan Sea contamination

Russia predicted saury contamination before China banned importing from Japan

On 11/5/2012, Fukushima Diary reported China refused importing Japanese frozen saury for excessive cadmium. [Link] However, Russia had already banned importing Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) from Japan in late July of 2011

Export from Japan

Fukushima exports apple to Thailand to fight harmful rumor

Though 42 countries/regions ban importing Fukushima agricultural products at the moment of 11/20/2012, Fukushima prefecture is going to export 360kg of the apples to Thailand in order to fight harmful

Export from Japan

Niigata prefecture to increase rice export 4 times much as 2011 to Hongkong and Singapore

On 10/29/2012, Niigata prefecture decided to increase their export of rice to Hongkong and Singapore. Because of the harmful rumor and import restriction of various countries, it has been difficult

Export from Japan Food contamination

Cattle fed with uncontaminated grass had infertility in Gunma

On 10/26/2012, 190 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from beef in Numata city Gunma. It was incinerated. The female cattle (14) had been fed grass without cesium from April to

Export from Japan

Russia sent 284 of imported products back to Japan to detect excessive level of radiation, “Doubled from 2011”

According to far eastern custom of Russia, from January to September of 2012, Russia sent 284 products back to Japan for measuring excessive level radiation. They are used cars, food,