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[Column] 3 misunderstandings of foreign media about this election

Because Japan changed too fast, foreign media misunderstood the points of this election. Correcting the misunderstandings is very important to see what is going to happen. Here I’m going to


[Election] Most of the polling stations shut down 1~4 hours earlier in Fukushima, Gunma, and Tottori

Japan is having an election today. However, polling stations will be shutdown earlier than planned in Fukushima, Gunma and Tottori.   Fukushima Polling stations to shutdown : ALL (1312 stations)


Ex-prime minister Kan Naoto was hospitalized for car accident

The election campaign car of Kan Naoto, ex-prime minister crashed to a steel pole beside a divider around 15:30 of 12/13/2012. Kan Naoto and 2 other people were hospitalized. It was


Japanese government set ground based interceptor missile in Tokyo against North Korea

On 11/30/2012, Fukushima Diary reported North Korea is seen preparing rocket launch as soon as next week. [Link] In the evening of 12/5/2012, Japanese government set ground based interceptor missile


[Column] Unpatriotic individuals party -Hikokumin toh

During WW2, people who opposed the war, tried not to be conscripted, or even said Japan would get defeated were called “Hikokumin”. Hi means Anti, Kokumin means people. It means


[Column] Beyond distrust

I despair of Japan too deeply. Some people may think I’m being depressed, but actually I don’t even feel sad. I mean the Japanese government, not people. It was not


[Reference] Nobody listens to the speech of JP Ex-PM Kan

(This is not an article, this is a reference. The source is merely a Japanese forum though the pictures are not fake.)   Japan is going to have the next


[Column] The turning point can be expected to the next Spring

Probably this is what Japanese government is thinking, Millions or even more people may die of cancers and any other radiation related symptoms, but none of the connection with Fukushima


[Column] For the people who still have spirit

I haven’t met or seen any of native american living in the population center, but I heard some of them are empty. Since I came to America, I have been


[Bloomberg column] Right-Wing Japan Relives 19th Century

<Quote> [Bloomberg] Japan’s leaders just can’t seem to put the 19th century behind them. It may be 2012, and the world surrounding this island nation of 126 million is changing