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Japanese doctor “You can’t control exposure only by carefully choosing food”

“Even if you carefully choose food that is likely to be less contaminated, it would not be enough to minimize the risk of internal exposure”, a Japanese doctor, Mita commented


[Column] Can’t be tolerant about “Godzilla” comments for Fukushima

I read the article of Asahi digital about highly radioactive substance found in Naraha. The substance was found about one month ago. I don’t know why they wrote about it

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[Express] “12 thyroid cysts found in a different part from adenomatous goiter”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> (Evacuee from metropolitan area) The doctor diagnosed me to have adenomatous goiter the other day, but today we found 12


Health problems of doctors in Fukushima jumped up from 5.6% to 20% after 311

According to Japan Medical Association Research Institute, 19.4 % of Fukushima doctors answered “Their health condition is not good” for the questionnaire. The ratio used to be 5.6% before 311.

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Nurses evacuate Fukushima to save their children from the potential risk of radiation

Fukushima prefecture is facing a serious shortage of nurses and health workers. The biggest reason is nurses have evacuated to save their children from the potential radiation risk because of


Doctors keep leaving Fukushima

  Japanese government is trying to make people believe Fukushima can be reconstructed. However, they can’t stop doctors escaping from Fukushima. Doesn’t it mean it’s too dangerous to live in


All the pediatricians of Saitama Red Cross Hospital are going to leave

  All of the 4 Full-time pediatricians are going to leave red cross hospital in Saitama in this summer or autumn. The hospital is trying to persuade them not to