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Air pressure is increasing in container vessel of reactor 2

Air pressure of container vessel at reactor 2 has been increasing since 3/27/2012. 2号機の格納容器圧力が3/27から上昇しています。 Tepco assumes it is because the suction air system is not fully functioning. 東電は原因として内部のガスの吸出し機能に支障があることを推測しており At 11:59

Plant hazard

One of the last two heating gauges was broken in reactor 2

  There were only two heating gauges in the bottom of container vessel of reactor 2, but Tepco decided to abandon one of them. Now only one remains working. 2号機格納容器の底部温度を計る温度計は2つしか残っていませんでしたが、東電はそのうち1つをさらに監視対象から外すことを決めました。現在、残っている温度計は1つのみです。

Core removing struggle

73Sv/h in container vessel

During the endoscope operation of 3/26/2012, Tepco measured the radiation level of inside of container vessel. Tepco published the data the next day, 3/27/2012. It was measured at 8 points,

Core removing struggle Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker assumes melted fuel has gone into suppression chamber

Following up this article..Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor2 The water level turned out to be only 60cm. Where is the fuel ? Is it in

Core removing struggle

Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor2

Following up this article..The second endoscope operation is planned for 3/26 and 27 Tepco announced the endoscope (20m long) operation on 3/26/2012. They found out the water level was only

Spent Fuel Pools

[Video] Inside of the SFP and container vessel of reactor 4

              Following up this article..SFP of reactor4 became cloudy Tepco checked the inside of the SFP and container vessel of reactor 4 on 3/15/2012.


Breaking News: Possible rapid increase of temperature at Reactor 2

One of the heat gauges at or near the bottom of the container vessel of reactor 2 measured heat over 100℃. According to the explanation of Tepco, it’s the gauge