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Column Contaminated water crisis

[Column] Is Tepco in charge or JP Gov ? -Gov intentionally making it unclear not to pay compensation

  Japan is going to have to pay astronomical value of compensation for the world.   This is why Japan is making it unclear who is in charge of Fukushima,

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

(Chinese media) “May contaminated water affect neighboring countries?” → (Tepco) “We don’t know”

In the press conference of 8/23/2013, Tepco stated that they can’t make a comment about how the contaminated water leakage affect neighboring countries. This was the answer for the question


Unusual number of avian lives found dead in Yokohama, municipal gov “H7N9 not detected”

Around 8:00 of 4/30/2013, unusual number of birds were found dead in Yokohama city. The location is near JR Kannai station. 20 dead crows and 1 dead pigeon were found


[Avian flu] 3 medical staff had upper respiratory tract infection after treating the 1st patient

On 4/25/2013, Taiwan CDC announced a man (53) from Taiwan had avian influenza (H7N9) for the first case. According to Centers for Disease Control , R.O.C.(Taiwan), three medical staff had

Natural disasters

4/5/2013 M6.2 occurred near the border of N. Korea, Russia and China

At 13:00:02 of 4/5/2013, an earthquake of M6.2 occurred near the border of N. Korea, Russia and China according to USGS. On 4/5/2013, N. Korean government asked foreign embassies in


China Eastern Airlines to quit all the regular flights between Fukushima and Shanghai

  China Eastern Airlines is going to quit the regular flights between Fukushima and Shanghai. They have been stopping the flight from Fukushima since immediately after 311. They state it’s

Export from Japan Sea contamination

China rejected importing suntan cream from Japan for detecting cadmium, daughter nuclide of radioactive silver

On 3/2/2013, Chinese customs announced they rejected importing Japanese suntan cream. The brand is Anessa of Shiseido. They detected Cadmium from the products. The amount is not reported. The products


[Analysis] Senkaku / Diaoyu dispute as an ugly twin of Fukushima problem

  When I was registering the company, the translator asked me, “Are you a Fukushima expert, right?” I had to say “Unfortunately yes.” This doesn’t mean I know everything about


[Express] Military commentator”TV staff asked me to comment JP and China will have military confrontation”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   The ministry of defense is criticizing China for aiming the radar at their escorting ship though it’s only based on their


JP “From our analysis, Chinese frigate shot radar to target firing on our ship, could cause a critical situation”

Minister of Defense, Onodera had a press conference and stated they analyzed a Chinese frigate shot radar to target firing on Japanese escort ship at 10:00 of 1/30/2013. The location