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Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed

Media started reporting increasing heart attack of youth, “It’s due to having too much fast food”

On 6/16/2013, one of the mass media sources “Sankei” reported heart attack (myocardial infarction) is unusually increasing among young male recently, which was rare 20 ~ 30 years ago. Some


Professor “cardiac insufficiency significantly increased after 311, it wasn’t seen after other great earthquakes”

Prof. Shimokawa from Department of Cardiovascular Medicine Tohoku University graduate school of Medicine commented significant increase of cardiac insufficiency was reported in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima after 311 and the


Hidaka city mayor passed away

Following up this information..Hospitalized Hidaka city mayor was at incineration test of debris 2 days before Hidaka city mayor, Osawa Yoshio passes away from cardiac infarct. It was 0:46 3/31/2012

Effects to be confirmed

Cardiac arrest case was doubled after 311

  Prof. Kitagawa from Tohoku university analyzed 120,000 of cardiac arrest cases in Miyagi from February to June in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. As a result, from 2008 to


2 high school students in the same school died at once

2 high school students, who go to the same school died in the end of 2011. A Fukushima citizen tweeted like these below   子ども福島メーリングリストからの情報→> 偶然に今日来店されたお客様のそれぞれのお友達の息子さん達が、同じ高校でお二人共昨年の暮れに突然心筋梗塞で亡くなられたとのお話がありました。一人は運動部・もう一人は文化部でお二人とも元々心臓疾患はなかったとの事。(続く) — 渡辺(母子避難がんばっぺ) (@k1976k1976) February


Economist has cardiac infarct in his lecture

It was about “Economics of nuclear power”. Emeritus professor of Kyoto University, Ito Mitsuharu fell down in his lecture from cardiac infarct. It was 15:40 2/15/2012, at the Japan National


Crematorium is overbooked in Kanagawa

A Japanese citizen living in Kanagawa tweeted crematorium in her area is overbooked because of too much death.   @ma_chako まちゃこ 「神奈川県に住む知り合いが亡くなった。しかし葬儀が10日後だと言うので不思議に思って聞いたら、火葬場が混んでいて、ダビに出来ない」と言う。死因は心筋梗塞による突然死。先週も神奈川県の友人が突然死した。葬儀社に問い合わせたら今は死者が多く火葬場が混んでいて一週間以上待たされるという Source <Translation> One of my friends in Kanagawa died,


2 more people died suddenly around in Tokyo

Following up this article ..3 more sudden death in Yokohama Japanese journalist Kinoshita Kota reported 2 more people died suddenly around in Tokyo. 1. An infant living in Hayama Kanagawa

Effects to be confirmed

A teacher and a student died suddenly in the same night in Yokohama

Japanese journalist Kinoshita Kota reported a high school teacher (P.E.) and a student suddenly died in the same night. The high school is in Asahiku Yokohama, where is south to

Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed Plant hazard

Cardiopulmonary arrest worker died and Tepco concealed it for 2 days

Following up this article ..Another Fukushima worker suffered cardiopulmonary arrest. Tepco announced he actually died of cardiac infarct on the day when he was hospitalized. It was 17:02  1/9/2012. According to