[Objective supervising] Fukushima worker “Ministry of Environment is accepting a lof of the former Tepco employees”

The Fukushima worker Happy11311 commented on Twitter that a lot of employees quit Tepco and they get the job in Ministry of the Environment.

Ministry of the Environment is one of the authorities to review and supervise Tepco. It wouldn’t be able to be objective to accept the significant number of former Tepco employees.



Unexpectedly, a lot of the former Tepco employees get the jobs in Ministry of the Environment. One of my acquaintances started working in Ministry of the Environment from this April too.





You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

[Supervision objective] Un travailleur de Fukushima : “Le ministère de l’Environnement accepte beaucoup d’anciens employés de Tepco”


Le travailleur de Fukushima Happy11311 a déclaré sur Twitter que beaucoup de salariés quittent Tepco et qu’ils trouvent un nouveau travail au ministère de l’Environnement.

Le ministère de l’Environnement est l’une des autorités qui inspectent et supervisent Tepco. Il ne serait plus capable d’être objectif s’il recrute un grand nombre d’anciens salariés de Tepco.

De façon curieuse, beaucoup d’anciens salariés de Tepco trouvent une place au ministère de l’Environnement. Une de mes connaissances a aussi commencé à y travailler à partir de ce mois d’avril.
辞めてる人の中で、意外と結構多いのは環境省に再就職してるんだよね。オイラの知り合いも4月から環境省に入ったでし。 「年収140万円減 東電、人材流出やまず 再建、廃炉…険しい道のり」 http://t.co/e6bVFahX0F
— ハッピー (@Happy11311) 2014, 4月 5

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. Two Scenarios,

    1) “Set a thief; to catch a thief.”

    2) Revolving door, regulatory capture.

    The Japan Secrecy Statute(s), clearly indicate the latter.

  2. Fukushima Frozen Wall Needs Risk Assessment, Tepco Adviser Says

    By Reporter: Jacob Adelman in Tokyo, Editors: Andrew Hobbs, Iain Wilson, Peter Langan Photographer: Koji Sasahara/Pool May 1, 2014 2:52 AM CT, – http www Bloomberg com/ (news/2014-05-01/fukushima-frozen-wall-needs-risk-assessment-tepco-adviser-says) html

    A government-backed plan for a frozen underground wall to limit water contamination at the wrecked Fukushima atomic station needs further vetting for potential risks to the environment, an adviser to the plant’s operator said. The plan, which is intended to keep groundwater from seeping into the basements of the plant’s damaged reactor buildings, may not function as intended because it’s based on untested assumptions about the site’s hydrology, said Dale Klein, who chairs Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee. “Are there any unintended consequences?” Klein asked at a press conference today in Tokyo. “We’re concerned about safety and environmental protection.”

    Tepco and Kajima Corp., the ice wall project’s primary contractor, are now conducting tests on the system ahead of its actual deployment, Mayumi Yoshida, a Tepco spokeswoman, said. “From those tests, if Tepco finds technical information that indicates the frozen wall is not the best, they need to communicate that to the government,” Klein said. “I know the government has said that they will put in the frozen wall, but I hope that science will trump political policy.”

  3. Int’l expert doubts ice wall will solve Japanese nuclear plant leaks

    (Globalpost/GlobalPost) Kyodo News International May 1, 2014 10:17am http www globalpost com/ (dispatch/news/kyodo-news-international/140501/intl-expert-doubts-ice-wall-will-solve-japanese-nuclea)

    An international nuclear expert expressed skepticism Thursday over Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s plan to set up an ice wall to ultimately stop radioactive water from further increasing at the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex. “I’m not convinced that the freeze wall is the best option,” former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Dale Klein, who heads a supervisory panel tasked with overseeing the plant operator’s nuclear safety efforts, said in an interview with Kyodo News. “What I’m concerned about is unintended consequences,” Klein said. “Where does that water go and what are the consequences of that? I think they need more testing and more analysis,” he said. “No one has built a freeze wall this long for this period of time. Typically, you build a freeze wall for a few months,” Klein said. “The freeze wall is expensive,” he said, urging TEPCO and the government to look at the cost of building one and whether the plan is making the “best use of limited resources.” “I would encourage them to get international advice a little bit more,” Klein said about TEPCO, in terms of its decontamination work and future plans to scrap the plant. Klein also urged the company to work with and share information with relevant authorities in the United States and Britain given that those nations are experienced in water management and decontamination efforts at former military or weapons-related sites.

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