[Deteriorating plant] Reactor 1 thermometer malfunctioned “due to the leaked rainwater”

One of the thermometers in reactor1 malfunctioned due to the leaked rainwater, according to Tepco. It is assumed to take 40 years to decommission the crippled Fukushima plant. It’s been only 3 years but one of the most important sensors is already deteriorated seriously.


At 4 am of 4/4/2014, one of the thermometers in Reactor1 primary containment vessel suddenly indicated -20℃. It was indicating 17.2℃ before then.


On 4/7/2014, Tepco found a connecting part of the cable sank in water. The thermometer indicated the normal temperature when they took the connector out of the water.

Tepco’s spokesman announced the water was the leaked rainwater.


The reactor buildings turned out to be so deteriorated that rainwater leaks even to the inside of the facilities already.






Downplay it in the beginning, and quietly add more information so nobody notices it. All for not letting the cattle escape. This is their strategy.


Français :

[Centrale en décomposition] Un thermomètre du réacteur 1 en drapeau “à cause d’infiltrations de pluie”


Selon Tepco, un des thermomètres du réacteur 1 a mal fonctionné à cause des écoulements de l’eau de pluie. Le démantèlement de la centrale dévastée de Fukushima devrait prendre 40 ans. Ça ne fait que 3 ans et l’une des sondes les plus importantes est déjà sérieusement endommagée.

Le 4 avril 2014 à 16:00 un des thermomètres de l’enceinte de confinement primaire du réacteur 1 a brusquement indiqué  -20℃. Il indiquait 17,2 ℃ jusque-là.

Le 7 avril 2014, Tepco découvre une prise du câble noyée dans l’eau. Le thermomètre s’est mis à indiquer la température normale lorsque ils ont retiré la prise de l’eau.
Le porte-parole de Tepco a déclaré que l’eau provenait d’infiltration d’eau de pluie.

Le bâtiment du réacteur se révèle être tellement abimé que l’eau de pluie s’infiltre déjà même à l’intérieur des équipements.


Le minimiser au début et ajouter tranquillement de nouvelles information pour que personne ne le remarque. Tout pour que le troupeau ne s’échappe pas. C’est leur stratégie.

    1. Rain can soak into the pocket of my jeans, but that doesn’t mean my keys fall out.

      1. Salt in your pocket is generally a better analogy. The radioactive wastes of concern are soluble.

      2. Rain has not only soaked one’s pockets, yet apparently one’s head as well!
        Mayhap it was that your keys did not fall out, yet your inhumanity most certainly did.

        It is a disgrace to see one continue to pour salt directly upon the wounds of those whom have experienced loss and yet will as a result of this ongoing Mega-Disaster, Mr. Empty Pants.

        How about a nice tall glass of shut the fuck up, ni bondfångares medhjälpare?

        Just because some nuclides may not be directly water soluble, does not mean that they cannot be held in suspension or in a colloidal mixture (like milk is a colloidal mixture).

        I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. evans.
        Quote: “Rain getting in means radiation getting out”
        Kudos to you, sir.

        1. I feel a bit sorry for the 15,000 killed by the tsunami. A few workers and a few cancer cases isn’t really much to compare with. Unless of course you listen to lunatics and believe in Great Radioactive Nuclide Storms of 2011 and the spread of lethal radiation over the whole planet. We’re all doomed. The end of humanity. Or whatever.

          1. “A bit sorry”???
            Either you feel for their loss or you don’t.
            Isn’t that like being a bit pregnant?

            Surely you were emotionally moved by their plight and suffering as any sane humane being would.

            I know i am.

        2. Dud,

          You surprise me; you have successfully SHAMED Niall-in-Sweden, the cold-hearted, lying, stupid TROLL. I did not think it possible.

          Yet, he responds and attempts to impersonate a sub-human.


          Bill Duff

            1. I reserve a few choice words for you too should your OS open up to this site and your previous examples of inhumanity be continued.

              Why are you here anyway?

  1. Good point Mr. Evans!

    Don’t take any advice on decomissioning from these mismanaging bozos. They obtained advice from Hanford, who have injured about 2 dozen personnel over the last couple of weeks.
    (Quote from the Urban Dictionary: “Bozos have a net negative effect on morale and profits, and everyone knows it.” Yup, bozos; check. Hit the hammer right on the nial.)

    What they meant to say was that it would take 40 years to come up with a half-baked plan to decommission. There, i fixed it. 🙂

    I do agree with Mr. Mochizuki’s first statement at the bottom of the article, yet disagree with the second.
    Quote: “This is their strategy.”
    Strategy is a little out of their league, wouldn’t many agree? I mean, they seem a few to many fries short of a happy meal what with radiation-induced dementia to be able to form strategy, wouldn’t you? 😉

      1. Niall is a Lying Troll Prick

        Niall asked for and received IP addresses: Your public IP address is (www.whatismyIP.com

        The Dud and I are different guys. Dud generally appears to do his homework. However I have not verified everything he says, and can not always speak to the detailed accuracy.

        I will take credit and/or blame for my own efforts, and not those of others.


        Bill Duff

        1. It seems doubly ironic that i mention bozos, which have a negative affect upon morale, as well as those that are a “few fries short of a happy meal”, and yet there you are!!!
          A person of few words, and even less common sense.

          http : //www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/1/Niall

          Just how much does a “nukular” champion get paid anyway?
          The going rate is two hundred thousand per annum.
          If you are doing this for free, you are still grossly overpaid! 😛

          You are indeed a credit to this site, by the way Mr. Duff, as are Mr. Hawes and Mr. evans.
          I know you don’t need my help, yet it seems fitting that we at times take turns swinging that hammer to drive it home.

          It seems there is something in common between that local shill and the NRC … Never Really Cared.

            1. You are hereby acclaimed “Alderman of Wrongville”. 🙂

              Will you yet supplant Rob Ford as “Mayor of Wrongville”?
              Time will tell.

  2. Déjà vu (all over again).
    One does wonder; was that a one, two, three (or more) wire thermal sensor?
    . (assuming it is not likely to be a one-wire due to radiation flux)

    Am very interested in learning more about the types of thermometers &/or thermocouples used in monitoring temperature in such extreme environs, yet am extremely reluctant to visit the pariah TEmPCO’s web site to uncover more.

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