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Domestic and global Environment

Still 690 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 measured from ground soil in Yamagata city / Beside a water distribution station

↑ The screenshot of the street view where 690Bq/kg was measured from the soil of.   Still high level of Cs-134/137 is detected from the ground soil in Yamagata city,

Contaminated water crisis

[100m3 overflow] Accident scale INES level 3 potentially / The amount of damage up to a few million USD

Following up this article.. [100m3 overflow] No information obtained about a potential suspect / Tepco practically give up investigation [URL]   The overflow accident of 100m3 corresponds to INES Level

Contaminated water crisis

ALPS stopped again / System shut down 3 times in 10 days

Following up this article.. [ALPS] Entire system shut down → Reboot → New leakage → Shut down again [URL]   One of the systems in multiple nuclide removing system ALPS

Cover-ups Plant hazard

A Fukushima worker died from crushed under the concrete base of a building

A Fukushima worker died being crushed under a piece of concrete on 3/28/2014.   The worker was inspecting the building base of a container warehouse. When he went into the