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Plant hazard

Reactor2 alarm went off on 3/20/2014 / Radioactive density in air spiked over 2,200 times much

A monitoring alarm of reactor2 went off on 3/20/2014. The alarm is the dust monitoring system. It stopped 2 minutes later, but it indicated the radioactive density of dust jumped

Contaminated water crisis

[100m3 overflow] All β detected 60m east from the tank / Contamination already penetrating to groundwater

Following up this article.. [100 m3 overflow] “Who turned on the wrong valve and why ?” / Still not identified [URL]   The contamination is possibly penetrating to groundwater already,

Contaminated water crisis

Contaminated water storage already 91% full / Could be overflowing by this coming June

Related to this article.. 21 tanks and 1km of pipe must be decontaminated due to the system failure of ALPS / Not known when to reboot ALPS [URL]   From