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Contaminated water crisis

Still 3,600 tonnes of contaminated rainwater retained in the faulty designed reserver / “No place to go”

Tepco still retains 3,600 tonnes of contaminated rainwater in underground reservoirs, which experienced the major leakage last Spring. Tepco dug the ground, covered the hole with water shielding sheets, and

Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Domestic and global Environment Plant hazard

[100 m3 overflow] “Who turned on the wrong valve and why ?” / Still not identified

Following up this article.. Tepco to re-interrogate 43 workers about 100 m3 overflow [URL]   On 3/7/2014, Tepco announced they hadn’t obtained any useful information from the interrogation. The overflow

Core removing struggle Cover-ups Plant hazard

Tepco burnt and cut one of the last two thermometers in reactor2 RPV due to another mis-operation

Following up this article.. One of the last 2 thermometers in reactor2 RPV was broken / Tepco possibly destroyed it during the test [URL]   On 3/7/2014, Tepco admitted they