Multiple nuclide removing system can’t filter 4 sorts of radionuclide

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On 2/5/2014, NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) announced the multiple nuclide removing system, ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System) can’t filter out 4 kinds of radionuclide.


Tepco and the government of Japan are expecting ALPS to remove 62 of the major nuclides from contaminated water, and discharge it to the sea. (Tritium still remains in the water.)

The specific names of those unfilter-able nuclides are not announced. Tepco is trying to add further absorption parts in the system.


Since they had ALPS in test operation in March of 2013, the system has never been in the full operation.



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Le système de filtrage multi-nucléides ne retient pas 4 types de radionucléides
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le 5 février 2014, la NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) a annoncé que le système de filtrage multi-nucléides, ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System) ne filtrait pas 4 types de radionucléides.

Tepco et le gouvernement du Japon attendent de ALPS qu’il filtre 62 des principaux nucléides des eaux extrêmement radioactives pour les déverser en mer ensuite. (le tritium reste toujours dans ces eaux.)
Les noms exacts de ces nucléides non filtrés n’est pas communiqué. Tepco essaye toujours d’ajouter d’autres élément d’absorption au système.

Le système n’a jamais été totalement rendu opérationnel depuis que ALPS a été mis à l’épreuve en mars 2013.

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  1. ALPS doesn’t filter out some radionuclides? We’ll that IS a surprise…not

    So they gonna bolt on some more filter elements. Pretty soon they gonna have a MOUNTAIN of hugely radioactive used filter canisters.

    Little by little the extent of the nuclear wasteland continues to grow unchecked.

  2. The employees who work with those filters..which will get tremenously radioactive..hope they have protections…the R/O filters may also cause gamma (skyglow) effects. Has anyone mentioned THAT? And the plan to store these little used gems is what??? Other than size or space saving..the amount of radiation will be the same…

    1. ALPS probably has a backflush, filter cleaning mode.

      The basic problems, are that TEPCO tried to lie their way out of this; and that they are at their core, CHEAP bastards. So lying and cost-cutting got TEPCO into this mess; and they naturally assumed that lying and scrimping would get them out of it.

      Which essentially says that TEPCO management is STUPID as well as dishonorable. Japan CONTINUES to say bad things about the nation, and endanger the world, by sticking with these faceless, fuckup dogs at TEPCO.

      Any half-decent legal system would have ‘pulled the plug’ on these corrupt TEPCO losers, long ago. The TEPCO Board of Directors, Executive Staff and partnering groups should be languishing on ‘Death Row’ by now. IMHO


      Bill Duff

  3. Given that there are hundreds of different radioactive isotope produced, I would be surprise it could efficiently filter more than a few, let alone that it probably can’t even filter the ones it is supposed to.

  4. >>Any half-decent legal system would have ‘pulled the plug’ on these corrupt

    this kind of corruption is all over the world.
    Why are the American and Canadian so silent about Fukushima?
    The politicians are greedy enough to even want the most dirty money that will get them elected. It is like the mafia, there is no ethic, no moral, there.

    1. I suppose that corruption runs rampant, when the citizenry allows it to.

      The citizenry of Japan, Canada and the formerly united states of America have not yet issued wanted posters and reward-card-decks (Dead or Alive) for these jackals (coyotes). They should be hounded to the ends of the earth like the NAZI war criminals they so CLOSELY resemble and emulate.

      Appropriate bounties should for example be offered for insurrectionists in the various governments. Insurrection is a constitutional crime, described in the 14th Amendment. Jefferson Davis of the CSA was found guilty of insurrection and not treason, for waging a civil war.

      Insurrection consists of elected and appointed officials violating their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Insurrection therefore describes virtually every elected official in every jurisdiction of the nation.

      They know that I intend to hang them for insurrection; ‘so help me God’. Do they KNOW the same about you?


      Bill Duff

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