Tepco “Don’t know where the rest of coolant water is escaping from reactor3”

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Following up this article.. Reactor3 coolant water leakage → 1/3 of injected water was leaking / Tepco doesn’t know when it started [URL]


In the press conference of 1/22/2014, Fukushima chief Ono stated that the rest of 2/3 injected water must be leaking out from somewhere of reactor3, but they can’t identify the specific location.


Tepco is injecting 5.5 m3 of coolant water into reactor3 vessel per hour. 1.5 m3/h of the water was found leaking out to the building possibly after touching the molten fuel.

Where and how the rest of 4.0 m3/h of coolant water leaks are not investigated because of the high level of contamination.





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Tepco : “On ne sait pas par où part le reste du liquide de refroidissement du réacteur 3”
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Article lié : Fuite du liquide de refroidissement du réacteur 3 → 1/3 de ce qui était injecté / Tepco ne sais pas depuis quand

Au cours de la conférence de presse du 22 janvier 2014, M. Ono, le chef de Fukushima a affirmé que le reste des 2/3 d’eau injectée doit bien s’échapper par quelque part dans le réacteur 3 mais ils ne peuvent pas aller identifier exactement où.
Tepco injecte 5,5 m³/h d’eau de refroidissement dans l’enceinte du réacteur 3. Ils ont découvert que 1,5 m³/h en fuit hors du bâtiment vraisemblablement après avoir été en contact avec le combustible fondu.
Par où et comment fuient les 4,0 m³/h restants n’est pas examiné à cause du trop haut niveau de radioactivité.

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  1. Thanks Iori.

    I wanted to ask you what you just now have published here.

    As you probably know, Tepco stated in late December 2013 they have been experimenting during medium December, 2013, with reduction of amount of water injected to cool the molten nuclear fuel, at least in Reactor 2.

    I don’t know for sure, but probably Tepco has also tried the same in Reactor 3, but you don’t mention that possibility in your previous post. I think that “volume of leakage significantly decreased on 1/21/2014, however it is not known what caused the change of volume…” just because the reduced volume of water injected to cool (as Tepco officially stated for Reactor 2).

    Now we know about REACTOR 3:

    Water to cool is injected inside the containment vessel (at least 132 TONS/daily injected INSIDE Reactor3 to cool #MOX Fuel) and ALL 132 TONS !! (Extremely Radioactive contaminated after being in direct contact with the molten fuel) are ESCAPING through cracked basements of Reactor and Turbine Buidings N.3, ➨ to GROUNDWATER & INTO PACIFIC OCEAN !
    The maths are easy:
    Every year 47.520 Tons. Extremely Radioactive water leak FROM INSIDE containment vessel ➨cracked basements➨into Pacific. (will be 4 years soon)
    And this is only from one of the three Reactors that melted down, melted through & melted also probably out: REACTOR 3 (The officially Moxy)

    Meanwhile radioactive contamination in seaside of REACTOR 2 is skyrocketing… (And the DEEPEST you measure the groundwater (25 metres) the MOST readioactive are the readings).

    And what can we do? :

    1)If you live in Japan, to evacuate out of Japan, as you did, specially children, babies, kids.. If you can’t, evacuate to southwest of Japan.

    2) To wait that during the next 10-20 years they will succed in delicately transfering the fuel rods from all the 4 pools in the 4 reactors with no recriticality and no new massive extremely radioactive airborne emissions. (By the way… I’ve read about to kind of pools: spent fuel pools & common pools in each reactor building. Is that true? Litlle is known about this second pool in each reactor).

    3) But on the issue (the molten fuel cores being washed by water and all the water leaking aout, the 1.000 tons groundwater inflow/outflow & Pacific Ocean) we can do nothing & will probably contine at least for the next 50 years.

    The question is here: is it really necessary to inject water to cool into the containment vessel once the core has molten into corium? Well.. Some day in the future it may not be necessary, as they are not injecting water to cool at all in the molten corium (Elephant’s Foot) at Chernobyl.

    Thanks for all you do, Mori.
    If you ever plan to visit Barcelona, send an e-mail if you wish. You have cheap flights from Bucuresti.

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