[Column] What makes me the happiest

I must apologize to readers for one thing.
Probably some of the readers are complaining why their comments are not shown in public.

Currently there are over 240 pending comments on Fukushima Diary, and I have zero time to check them.

The comments of someone who hasn’t posted anything, and the comments to contain links are sent to the pending list to wait for approval.

I must read all of them and sometimes have to review past comments of the person to check if it’s not troll. If I accept a comment of troll, the troll would get in and can do whatever it wants to do.

I want to make emphasize this is not censorship. This is just because I don’t have 2 bodies.

Thankfully most of the readers show appreciation, compassion, and encouragement for my dedication. What makes me the most content is when people really read into my articles, fully understand and think with me.

Along with research, I spend so much time and glycogen on trying to make every article as easy as possible to understand. Cutting off irrelevant info, but never miss important facts etc..
When I started writing about those things, almost everyone ignored. Happily most of the readers understand the technical issues of plant recently.
I’m not a victim. I’m not a refugee. I’m a researcher to avenge myself on Tepco, media and relevant authorities.
Researcher should be evaluated by his own research.



Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary. Your support is the energy of my restless work.


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[Édito] Ce qui me rend le plus heureux
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Je dois présenter mes excuses aux lecteurs pour une chose.
Certains se plaignent certainement que leurs commentaires ne sont pas publiés.

Il y a actuellement plus de 240 commentaires en attente sur le Fukushima Diary et j’ai zéro minute pour les vérifier.

Les commentaires de ceux qui n’ont encore jamais rien écrit et ceux qui contiennent des liens sont mis en file d’attente pour approbation.

Je dois tous les lire et j’ai parfois à relire des précédents pour m’assurer que ce ne sont pas ceux d’un troll. Au premier commentaire de troll que j’accepte il va pouvoir revenir et faire tout ce qui lui plait.

J’insiste bien sur le fait qu’il ne s’agit pas d’une censure, c’est seulement parce que je n’ai pas le don d’ubiquité.

Par chance, la plupart des lecteurs expriment de la satisfaction, de la compassion et des encouragements  à mes publications. Ce qui me fait le plus plaisir, c’est lorsque les gens lisent vraiment le contenu de mes articles, les comprennent complètement et réfléchissent avec moi.

En plus de mes recherches, je passe beaucoup de temps et de glycogène à essayer de rendre chaque article aussi facile à comprendre que possible, coupant les infos hors sujet mais sans jamais rater un fait important, etc..
Quand j’ai commencé à écrire sur ces choses, pratiquement tout le monde n’en savait rien. Heureusement, la plupart des lecteurs comprennent depuis peu les questions techniques sur la centrale.
Je ne suis pas une victime. Je ne suis pas un réfugié. Je suis un chercheur voulant se venger de Tepco, des médias et des autorités responsables.
Un chercheur devrait être jugé sur ses propres résultats.

Merci de lire le Fukushima Diary. Votre soutien est l’énergie de mon travail opiniâtre.

  1. Dear Iori, I can appreciate your close scrutiny of the commenters and thankyou for weeding out the trolls. Early on, those of us who had even casually educated ourselves in matters nuclear recognized the seriousness of the situation. At first I tried to raise interest in a universal boycott of things Westinghouse, General Electric, Toshiba and etc. Got no takers that I’m aware of. I tracked down and contacted people in EPA, Dept of Agriculture, legislature, etc. I got no satisfactory responses from any of these groups. I guess that the few voices that they heard were not enough to warrant action. And that brings me to the subject of trolls. “Trolls” would include people who merely use sites such as yours as a social forum or to “hear themselves sing”, without contributing useful information or doing anything proactive. Ultimately,sites such as yours are our only avenue to organize a powerful enough public outcry to have any real results. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Jack.

  2. Dear Iori,

    I have written many times about visas in order to help you, but a few words you wrote here –without a bad intention, I am sure — did hurt me.

    It is possible to be a refugee and a researcher — I have been both, a stateless refugee for 7 years and now I am an Ivy League Ph.D. It is also possible to be the victim of a government or a war, and to fight back.

    I am not ashamed of having been a refugee and a victim. In spite of it, I have always been a researcher and a fighter.

    It is just a detail, but it was somewhat painful to read it.

  3. I am thankful, and repost a LOT of your stuff. I think you are doing a great thing for humanity.

  4. These stupid, lying, dishonorable, faceless TEPCO DOGS attacked your families, villages, prefectures, as well as the land and sea of your ancestral homeland. They have laid waste to health, harmony, science and medicine.

    It is entirely PROPER and HONORABLE to expose their misdeeds and to ‘bitchslap’ them, till their heads literally roll down the street. The most satisfactory method of revenge is subject to some thought.

    For example, “And then revenge is very good eaten cold, as the vulgar say” ; from French author Eugène Sue’s novel Memoirs of Matilda, which was translated into English by D. G. Osbourne and published in 1846:
    http www phrases org uk/ (meanings/revenge-is-a-dish-best-served-cold) html

    IMHO, any and every method of revenge is ‘on the table’ and FULLY justified.


    Bill Duff

    1. I applaud the looming REVENGE of the Japanese People, upon the officers, directors, stockholders and lenders of TEPCO as well as other members of the global ‘Team Nuke’.

      It lessens the chance that TEPCO and their fellow terrorist-outlaws, will commit similar despicable acts elsewhere, such as their planned ‘Nuclear Renaissance’ and MOX Fuel Schemes.

      TEPCO and Toshiba, for example were slated to soon begin construction on two (2) new nuclear reactors in South Texas. Please execute them in Japan and save the rest of the world a lot of grief and destruction.


      Bill Duff

  5. The former united states of America took justified action against narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar, some years ago. A commando team, rappelled in and shot him dead on his birthday.

    It would be a great JOY, if modern-day Japanese Samurai (侍), Ninja (忍者?) or Shinobi (忍び) warriors swooped in to rid ‘The Blue Planet’ of an even worse infestation.


    Bill Duff

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