[Column] What is the real risk of Fukushima plant ?

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Around the end of last year, the hoax spread around the internet to say reactor3 exploded or something.
My view is this, it’s not likely to have another explosion or crisis of the same type as 311. Probably the molten fuel have become small pieces to be scattered around.
Some parts remain in the vessels, some parts may have blasted out of the buildings when vented. Anyway, they may be having the small reactions but not like 311.


There is a certain risk in spent fuel pools. Nobody, including Tepco themselves, knows the status of them from reactor1 to 3. They may have meltdown or explosion after the next potential earthquake. In this case, probably media would repeat the same blackout as in 311. Recently I was asked if I think west coast of America will be warned. My answer is “probably no”.
It’s not just because they don’t want to lose the tax farm, it’s also because they are still inept about nuclear issue. From looking around the media coverage, governmental bodies, they don’t seem to have learnt much from Fukushima issue. They are still amateur when it comes to nuclear issue. This is one of the reasons why CNN and other media cannot cover Fukushima issue. They can’t verify the news is true or not. We all must be keeping our eyes on Fukushima directly. I’m almost sure no one is going to save us.


However, what I’m more concerned is the slow meltdown of the plant area itself.
The water is coming up, and it’s extremely contaminated. The radiation dose is significantly increasing. The workers can’t avoid being exposed even just to patrol the tank areas.


At this moment, even if they choose to discharge all the water, they would take more than 60 years on the assumption that the multiple nuclide removing facility gets finally in operation, which nobody has ever seen in the history, and they discharge it at the maximum level of tritium safety level every single year.
The reality is not that simple. The contaminated water is still increasing real time.
Tepco is covering the plant area ground with concrete and asphalt, but I personally think it’s to conceal the overflowing groundwater. However they can’t keep lying forever.


I’m quietly concerned about the soundness of the plant buildings.
The plant is built on the artificially improved ground beside the sea. Each tank weighs thousands of tonnes too.
Along with the shortage of Fukushima workers, I find it the major risk in Fukushima plant for now.



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[Édito] Quels sont les risques réels dans la centrale de Fukushima ?
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A la fin de l’an dernier une arnaque a fait le tour du monde disant que le réacteur 3 avait explosé ou quelque chose comme ça.
Je considère qu’il est extrêmement peu probable qu’on ait une autre explosion ou crise du même type que celle du 11-3. Le combustible fondu est certainement éparpillé maintenant en petits morceaux.
Certains morceaux sont restés dans les enceintes et d’autres ont pu être projetés hors des bâtiments pendant les mouvements d’air. Dans tous les cas, on peut avoir de petites réactions mais sans commune mesure avec celles de mars 2011.

Il y a un risque certain avec les piscines à combustibles usagés. Personne, Tepco eux-mêmes inclus, ne sait dans quel état elles sont dans les réacteurs 1 à 3. Ça peut fondre ou exploser au prochain séisme . Dans ce cas-là, la presse répètera sans doute la même censure qu’au 11-3. On m’a récemment demandé si je pensais que la côte ouest de ‘Amérique sera prévenue. Ma réponse a été “sans doute pas”.

Ce n’est pas seulement parce qu’ils ne veulent pas perdre les impôts locaux, c’est aussi parce qu’ils sont toujours aussi ineptes sur les histoires nucléaires. En regardant comment c’est couvert médiatiquement, les organes d’état, ils n’ont pas l’air d’avoir appris grand chose de Fukushima. Ce sont toujours des amateurs quand on en vient au problème nucléaire. C’est une des raisons qui fait que CNN et d’autres organes de presse ne peuvent pas couvrir Fukushima. Ils ne peuvent pas vérifier la véracité des infos. On doit tous avoir Fukushima directement sous nos yeux. Je suis pratiquement certain que personne ne viendra nous sauver.

Ceci étant, ce qui m’inquiète le plus c’est la lente décrépitude de toute la centrale elle-même.
L’eau monte et elle est extrêmement radioactive. La radioactivité ambiante augmente gravement. Les ouvriers ne peuvent pas éviter de se faire irradier même au cours de simples patrouilles entre les citernes.

En ce moment, même s’ils choisissent de tout déverser en mer, ils leur faudra plus de 60 ans en admettant que le système de filtration multi-nucléide devienne finalement opérationnel, chose que personne n’a jamais pu historiquement constater, et qu’ils déversent tout le long de l’année au maximum de radioactivité autorisé pour le tritium.
La réalité n’est pas aussi simple. Les eaux extrêmement radioactives sont plus abondantes tous les jours, augmentent en temps réel.
Tepco est en train de recouvrir le sol de la centrale avec du béton et du bitume mais je pense pour ma part que c’est pour cacher le débordement des eaux souterraines. Ils ne pourront de toute façon pas mentir éternellement.

Je suis assez inquiet sur la fiabilité des bâtiments de la centrale.
Elle est construite sur un sol renforcé à côté de la mer. Chaque citerne pèse des centaines de tonnes aussi.
Je pense que le plus grand risque dans la centrale de Fukushima est pour maintenant, en plus de la pénurie de travailleurs.


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  1. ‘Team Nuke’ works hard to start false rumors; and to spread spontaneous false rumors. These false rumors, instead of being dispelled by data, fact and science are USED to try and discredit ALL opposition.

    It is simply a part of the ‘Team Nuke’ nearly infinite, litany of lies.

    So, ‘Team Nuke’ is deliberately withholding Eastern Pacific radiation values for water, fish and other sea life.

    It is their way, and will remain so, until they are executed for crimes against humanity and ‘The Blue Planet’.

    Science will regain a 50% improvement in accuracy, with a DEAD ‘Team Nuke’. IMHO


    Bill Duff

    1. The ‘Explosion Hoax’ and the ‘Half-Moon-Bay’ Red Herring, are typical exercises of convenience, whereby ‘Team Nuke’ diverts attention from HARD, COLD, FACTS.

      FACTS such as:

      biological problems in the Pacific

      The looming Fukushima water plume hitting the ‘Lower 48’

      The still undocumented corium locations

      The California Public Health implications of the new EPA cleanup guidelines.

      And so on, and so forth


      Bill Duff

  2. National Report, a satire site helped in spreading that explosion hoax. Truth is the only reports I get on the subject come from fukushima diaries. I keep sharing, andf asking where the global scientific community is on this. This is no longer just a Japanese problem. I don’t care who did what, I’m not interested in placing blame, I want to see the top minds on the subject around the world working together to solve this problem to the best of our ability.

    1. The Problem,

      Team Nuke, the dangerous, lying, civilian nuclear power industry and their support system IS THE PROBLEM.

      In addition to absolving them, do you ALSO wish to PAY them a bonus?

      A Pack of Liars is NOT the cure, they are the disease!


      Bill Duff

    2. The legitimate scientific community, somewhat tattered for the wear, is deathly AFRAID of the vicious, dangerous, lying ASSHOLES on Team Nuke.

      And for good reason.

      Bringing Team Nuke to HARSH Justice is Job 1. Fixing the objective problems is Step 2.


      Bill Duff

  3. Hi lori
    Couldn’t agree more, except maybe 1 thing

    ” However they can’t keep lying forever.”

    They can’t stop, even when caught in a lie
    they explain it away with another lie.

    The numbers steady go up, getting harder for the nuke industry
    to “explain away”.

    As you said in previoues post, CNN follows you on twitter
    lol, not to report the truth, they don’t
    they want to know for themselves.

    Or maybe its to find out what you know,
    gives them time to come up with the next lie.

    Keep chipping away lori, more and more of the nuke industry is being
    exposed, and more are taking notice.
    Its not safe
    It’s not clean
    Its not cheap
    Its not needed

    @Greg Smith
    I think every pro nuke “expert” in the world
    HAS been helping tepco. Still are.

    They knew in 2011 Fuku could bring down the entire industry not just in Japan, but worldwide.

    It still can, the truth is starting to leak out faster then the tanks.
    ( well, strange effects on sealife are starting to get attention )

    The industry Im sure has everyone and his brother working on this.

    Tell everyone you know

    When I say to someone, you know Fukushima is still leaking radiation
    they say, really.I didn’t know that, must not be that bad.

  4. Tipping Point

    Team Nuke is fully aware, that the Tipping Point AGAINST, is already in the rear view mirror. Their MOX plan is history. Their Nuclear Renaissance is Deader than the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

    Times are so tough for Team Nuke, that they have had to layoff some congressmen. The pink slips are printed for the MANY federal judges that have been on the take, for years. Lots of their TROLLS are working part time and trying to update their resumes.

    The Mendacity Media is still hoping that their ‘Check is in the mail’. They are circling the wagons and tightening their belts. They have a few desperate tricks to perform.

    However, it is all over, but the crying. IMHO


    Bill Duff

    1. Bill:- You seem the most knowledgeable, given the present circumstances, if they had the resources and the will what would be the best option going forward?

      1. Too broad a question:


        Which ‘They’?, Which Forward? ‘Team Nuke’, insurrectionist office holders, mendacity media, Trolls, Public Policy, Japan, former united states of America, United Nations?


        Bill Duff

  5. If and when i read all this,it’s cheaper to pump NP1-3 full with a mix of silicium,then concrete up to the level of their spent feul pools,and cover it with lead,but that’s no option also i think..or…….the sh*t is already molten,and it”s leaking,so…..
    Less weight then all those 300.000 liter tanks after all.

  6. Find the Fuel:

    It is ESSENTIAL to MAP the corium. The Gamma – Muon ‘camera’ may be able to locate the missing MOX (plutonium enriched) molten fuel from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactor #3:

    Way too early to construct a sarcophagus. The various Spent Fuel Pools and reactor fuel lava flows, must be secured.

    What percentage of the Reactor #3 Fuel was blasted into the air? What percentage remains in the Reactor? What Percentage remains inside the wreckage, formerly known as a Metal Shell and primary containment?

    What percentage of the MOX CORIUM has flowed into the earth? How DEEP below the plant has the Reactor #3 Corium melted/burned to? What is the deepest level ASL/BSL for a Reactor 3 Corium slug?

    Is any corium still in motion?

    What are the Spent Fuel and Spent Fuel Pool condition for the Fukushima Daiichi SFP #3, at or under, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station?

    A complete fuel inventory is ESSENTIAL. Perhaps Japan will PERMIT such an assessment.


    Bill Duff

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