1.6 Sv/h on the first floor of reactor1 / Highly radioactive source is in the vent pipe

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1.6 Sv/h was measured on the first floor of reactor1, according to Tepco.

From 12/22 ~ 12/24/2013, Tepco attempted to survey the radiation dose in the south part of reactor1 first floor. They used a remote controlling robot with gamma camera supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

As a result, highly radioactive parts were found near the inert gas pipes, which were used to venting in 311.

The radiation dose was higher at 150cm than 5cm from the floor. The highest reading of 1.6 Sv/h was measured near the vent pipe going up to the second floor.

The second highest reading was 1.1 Sv/h. It was also near the vent pipe.

This is also where they measured 5.15 Sv/h in “vapor” coming up. (cf, [Reactor1] 5.2 Sv/h on the first floor [URL])

Tepco is planning to take the concrete core sample from around the issued area in order to check if contamination has penetrated into the concrete.


↓ The photos taken by the robot with gamma camera. The warmer the color goes, the higher the dose is.




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Français :

1,6 Sv/h au 1er étage du réacteur 1 : la source de cette énorme radioactivité est dans le conduit d’aération
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Selon Tepco, ils ont relevé 1,6 Sv/h au premier étage du réacteur 1.

Entre le 22 et le 24 décembre 2013, Tepco a tenté d’inventorier la radioactivité ambiante de la partie sud du premier étage du réacteur 1. Ils ont utilisé un robot télécommandé avec une camera à gamma, financée par le ministère de l’Économie, du Commerce et de l’Industrie.
Au bilan, des zones extrêmement radioactives ont été repérées près des tuyauteries à gaz inertes qui étaient utilisés pour l’aération en mars 2011.
La radioactivité ambiante était plus forte à 1,5 m du sol qu’à 5 cm. Le record est de 1,6 Sv/h près d’un tuyau de ventilation allant au 2e étage.
Le second record est de 1,1 Sv/h, également près de ce tuyau.
C’est là aussi qu’ils avaient relevé 5,15 Sv/h dans la “vapeur” qui sortait. (cf. [Réacteur 1] 5.2 Sv/h au premier étage)
Tepco prévoit de prendre un échantillon de béton massif près de cet endroit pour contrôler si la radioactivité a pénétré dedans.

↓ Photos prises par le robot avec la caméra gamma.
Plus la couleur est chaude, plus c’est radioactif.

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  1. Note the area of ‘gamma haze” near the robot lights. And on the concrete it looks pink/redish as well. Am not feeling good about the venting pipes being so contaminiated as TEPCO says they measured some pretty high radiation in “vapor’ coming up..between 5.1 and 5.2 Sv/hr! If that is the vapor venting into the atmosphere……anyone have any idea of what that might do to the area? Like the North Pacific? Like the Northern Hemisphere? Etc etc.

  2. Assume:

    I assume this is what you are referring to. There WERE some KILLER Gamma emitters in the atmosphere, DURING the March 2011 Explosions. Most of that stuff half-lifed in seconds, minutes or hours. So, it sucked at the FDNPS and maybe as far away as Tokyo and/or aboard the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Group and some helicopter crews.

    http www dailymail co uk/ (news/article-2408767/New-radiation-leaks-Fukushima-lethal-hours-safety-concerns-nuclear-power-plant-increase) html

    A meeting about the leaks was postponed by Japanese MPs last week until after the decision by the International Olympic Committee was to be made. This has prompted allegations of a cover-up.

    Following the latest worrying radiation readings, Tepco claimed last night that the radiation contained only 1mSv of gamma rays, The Times reported.

    The firm said beta radiation, which is weaker, made up the rest of the radiation readings.

  3. In and of itself

    Three (3) Fukushima nuclear reactors suffered 100% fuel meltdowns, explosions and containment failure. Each was, ‘In and Of Itself’, a Level-7 nuclear disaster. There were sufficient damages to the Spent Fuel Pools and environmental radiation releases to increase the total number of ‘Stand Alone’ Level-7 nuclear disasters to four (4) or more, evaluating only the air releases. The continuing releases to the Pacific Ocean is another SEPARATE Level-7 nuclear disaster.

    The reactor explosions have been characterized, by TEPCO, Japan, IAEA, Barack Obama, Team Nuke and the Mendacity Media as hydrogen and/or steam explosions. There is ZERO evidence that the FDU-3: orange flame, black smoke, supersonic detonation, induced radiation in steel and concrete, scattered fuel, overhead Gamma Bursts, OR fallout composition was merely a hydrogen and/or steam explosion. FDU-3 was an unprecedented atomic explosion in a civilian nuclear power reactor.

    Thus, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Disaster is FAR worse than the combined Chernobyl and the total atmospheric weapons testing.


    Bill Duff

    1. The fdu-3 ‘atomic’ explosion you mention was not the reactor but the spent fuel pool. You’ve said this yourself afew too many times already. And now you’re saying its a) unprecedented and b) the reactor? it’s quite possibly precedented in chernobly which may have had a prompt criticality as well as steam explosion.

      1. Status Unknown SPF-3,

        I have NEVER characterized the SPF-3 events as including an atomic explosion. Nor has a credible account of a nuclear explosion in SPF-3, yet been located.

        CONTEMPORARY Internal NRC communications declared multiple Spent Fuel Pool fires at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. SPF-4 WAS specifically mentioned. Therefore it is PLAUSIBLE that there were pyrophoric fire(s) in SPF-3. It is LIKELY that there were SPF-3 Fires, perhaps even certain. Therefore, nothing is fully ‘ruled-in’ or ‘ruled-out’ with respect to SPF-3.

        To the best of my present understanding the event sequence and/or fuel condition in SPF-3 has not been established.

        One area of (possible) agreement (GASP). There HAVE been some credible reports and conclusions that the Chernobyl blast included a prompt criticality.


        Bill Duff

  4. We the People, should HOPE that the LYING douches in DC, will produce a VALID report that ‘squares’ with the Acute Radiation Syndrome signs, symptoms and sequellae which have been SUFFERED by the carrier group service men & women. That HOPED-FOR result would be in stark contrast to many previous BULLSHIT federal reports, which have been subsequently discredited.


    Bill Duff

    http www nzherald co nz/ (world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=11188390)
    http www militarytimes com/ (article/20140115/NEWS/301150029/House-passes-fiscal-2014-budget)

    The New Zealand Herald > Japan > Japan disaster > By Peter Huck 5:30 AM Saturday Jan 18, 2014

    New fight over Fukushima – American rescue personnel believe health problems caused by sailing through radioactive plume.

    On March 12, 2011, the day after a huge tsunami hit Japan’s northeast coast, the USS Ronald Reagan entered the Sea of Japan on a humanitarian mission. The massive US$4.5 billion ($5.4 billion) Nimitz-class nuclear-powered “super aircraft carrier”, with a ship’s company of 5500 men and women, was in the vanguard of a force of 24 US Navy ships, 189 aircraft and 24,000 service personnel deployed to help Japan in Operation Tomodachi.

    “Next thing we know we’ve got this nasty, metallic taste in our mouth.” She says the crew were ordered below. She believes they “had just got slammed by a radioactive plume”. This metallic taste evokes testimony from people who lived downwind of the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor meltdown in 1979 and by airmen on board the US plane that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. Cooper believes they passed through other radioactive plumes and describes sailors vomiting and losing bowel control as skin rashes appeared.

    A request for a report from the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs on medical conditions and the prevention, treatment and care given to sailors who believe they were exposed to radiation while serving on the carrier USS Ronald Reagan following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

    1. Whats so bad about a few radioactive american soldiers? They’re the dicks who used nuclear weapons, remember, and whose bomb testing program dumped more radiation inyo the pacific than fukushima

      1. Record Keeping:

        Niall in Sweden,

        The military of the former united states of America, liberated Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia, from Fascist Occupation and prevented a USSR/CCCP takeover. The Marshall Plan FED and restored Western Europe.

        Such actions may not command eternal gratitude. They do however provide a basis for telling you to ‘Go Screw’!


        Bill Duff

      2. As you read the history of Chernobyl Unit 4, its main purpose was to produce plutonium as in a breed reactor since bundles could be removed while the reactor was operational. About the only difference between a breeder and a typical reactor is the fuel in a breeder is a bit purer and the run time of the fuel is much shorter (3 or 4 months) versus a commercial power reactor where fuel is burned for 3 years before removal. Burning in a breeder reactor any longer and the fuel becomes full of unwanted daughter products that makes for reprocessing (extraction) of plutonium more time consuming and more radioactive wastes to deal with (think Hanford).

        So, Chernobyl could have very well been a critical mass (nuclear) explosion with all the plutonium involved. Probably was until heat boiled off the water (steam explosion) so no further moderating could take place.

        The pools at Daiichi use boron lined cubicles housing each bundle to absorb neutrons to prevent any fission. Unlikely the bundles launched themselves like skyrockets. More likely a steam explosion would have dislodged them or scattered them. Inside the reactors esp. #3 with more plutonium fuel to distill itself during meltdown, a fizzle could definitively be possible until moderating water heated to steam (in milliseconds).

        Unit 4 looks like multiple hydrogen explosions, as reported, while water was boiling off and reacting with cladding in the fuel pool, the reactor was empty.

        1. Clarify,


          You are jumbling your thoughts. Please do not jump erratically from reactor to Spent Fuel Pool and back.

          The general reader cannot follow the jumble in the jungle. So please, parse your own statements.

          Reactor-3, Paragraph

          Spent Fuel Pool Number 3 (SPF-3) Paragraph

          Common Fuel Pool


          Bill Duff

    2. Perceptions:

      Japan news accounts indicate that the mission was ‘relief efforts’. Sometimes it requires personal bravery & SACRIFICE to ‘help people. And not all ‘relief efforts are successful. The service men and women as well as the civilian citizenry of the former usA would have cheerfully provided the Japanese citizenry, anti-radiation medications and evacuation assistance. The Kenya Native, Barack Obama, apparently preferred to refuse such assistance. The duplicitous, murderous, self-serving-sociopaths are usually located in the Capital Cities of the former united states of America, former European union and Japan.

      http www3 nhk or jp/ (nhkworld/english/news/20140116_13) html

      US to check sailors’ radiation risk

      The US Defense Department is to conduct a health survey of US sailors who took part in the relief efforts for the March 2011 quake and tsunami in Japan.


      Bill Duff

      1. With all due respect, who cares if he is a ‘Kenya native’? He’s still an American citizen (I’ll admit that he is a giant d**k that should have taken responsibilty, steps, and fired some asses as soon as he saw those plants go up into the sky, though).

        1. Why?

          Why would I give 2-shits, whether Bernie Madoff bought or sold a given stock?

          Why would I favor one fraudulent action over another, by a USURPER?

          Why indeed?

      2. Foundations matter, in governments and nuclear power stations!

        The BASIS for governmental legitimacy for the formerly united state of America are the following three (3) documents. The legitimate basis for governance has been discarded; leaving the former superpower in an interregnum period. This is similar to the wartime/occupation status circa 1861 – 1872. A status of nature is extant, which is NOT working well. Barack Hussein Obama is merely ‘one of many’ insurrectionists, as defined in Amendment XIV.

        The basis of constitutional, legitimate governance follows:

        1)The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

        2) Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union between the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts-bay Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

        3) Constitution of the United States


        Bill Duff

        1. A tale of two (2) insurrectionist ‘presidents’.

          Circa 1860 – 1870:

          Jefferson Davis was arrested, transported via barred wagon to prison and tried on some serious charges.

          http www encyclopediavirginia org/ (jefferson_davis_s_imprisonment)

          Abraham Lincoln was SHOT in the head.

          Justice, was I suppose done …

          It is time for George W. Bush, Alberto R. Gonzales, Barack H. Obama and Erik H. Holder to face some Harsh Justice for THEIR acts of insurrection. IMHO


          Bill Duff

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