JP Government parties “Fukushima is a total war, need to gather the resource, human, budget and technology”

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Following up this article.. JP Gov watching international media coverage over Fukushima issue / Le Monde, Washington Post, Guardian etc.. [URL]


The Japanese government parties described Fukushima issue as “Total war”, which must be treated as a national project.

(cf, Tepco to make the inner company organization specialized in Fukushima decommissioning [URL])

This is mentioned in the meeting material about Fukushima restoration by the Japanese government parties, LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) and Clean Government Party.

In this report, the government parties concluded they need to redefine the legal power of Japanese government so they can gather the human resource, budget and technology for Fukushima decommissioning.



I reject the international mass media to read this site without taking a contact with me.I know some of the mass media corporations read Fukushima Diary to understand the trend so they know when to report about Fukushima as if they were independently following it for a long time.
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This site is free for the individual readers, but not for corporations.In the world, this site is nearly the only source about Fukushima. I came here alone without any supporting organizations, background or anything. I’m not pleased to be exploited by the corporations that didn’t even properly report about Fukushima when 311 took place.

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Français :

Les partis au pouvoir : “Fukushima est une guerre totale, il faut mobiliser les ressources, les hommes, le budget et les techniques”
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Article lié : Le gouvernement japonais surveille la couverture médiatique internationale sur Fukushima : Le Monde, le Washington Post, le Guardian, etc.

Les partis au gouvernement ont décrit le problème de Fukushima comme étant une “guerre totale” qui doit être traitée en tant qu’affaire nationale. (cf. Tepco va se monter une filiale spécialisée dans le démantèlement de Fukushima )

C’est mentionné dans les minutes de la rencontre sur la restauration de Fukushima entre les partis gouvernementaux, le LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) et le Clean Government Party (Parti pour un gouvernement propre).

Dans ce rapport, les partis au pouvoir concluent qu’ils ont besoin de redéfinir la force législative du gouvernement japonais pour qu’il puisse mobiliser les ressources, les hommes, le budget et les techniques nécessaires au démantèlement de Fukushima.

J’interdis à la grande presse internationale de lire et d’utiliser ce site sans préalablement prendre contact avec moi. Je sais que certaines grandes sociétés de presse lisent le Fukushima Diary pour comprendre la tendance et trouver quand rendre compte de la situation de Fukushima comme s’ils la suivaient indépendamment depuis longtemps.
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Je leur demande de prendre contact avec moi AVANT de lire ce site dans quelque but que ce soit.

  1. “The Emperor Has No Clothes”, the cruelty of the government, TEPCO, the nuclear industry, WHO, the NRC, and on, on, on; in continuing this fantasy of decommissioning an out of control nuclear nightmare has once again surpassed their evil insanity. Is there anyone left in Japan who believes these lies when we know that money has gone to the military, Abe’s trips, and perhaps the planning of the Japanese Olympics to assure the world that all is well? Yesterday, there was an article that said it is time to draft aged volunteers to work at the plant. Really? Aged people with their own natural infirmaries are going to be trusted to work at this plant? Maybe because they will die anyway.

    There is not an expert in the world willing to die in Fukushima; but, for a price they can be bought to lie. The Pacific is dying and the marine life casualties are being exterminated by “baffling unknown reasons or disease”. Perhaps the ocean waters are too acidic, or too warm; because any radiation would be diluted. How can the Japanese government be credible after over 1020 days of fabricating story after story only to tell a partial truth? And anyone who speaks the truth or questions the government will be punished. There was a movie line that people like to quote and I think that it applies to the fascist government of Japan and her leaders who fear the discoveries by their own people. This is not the sort of truth to set people free.

    “You can’t handle the truth.”

  2. “human resource”..sounds like forced labor. I hope its not, and not a ‘draft’ or financial force placed on families to give up ‘human resource’ to the efforts. There are many ways of building labor far there has been a total disregard for human life by Japan.

    1. The ‘war’ is already lost.

      Japan is dying.

      All the money and resources in the world cannot save Japan now.

  3. “In this report, the government parties concluded they need to redefine the legal power of Japanese government so they can gather the human resource, budget and technology for Fukushima decommissioning.”

    I suppose we all knew this day was coming.

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