“Small animal” caused the power trouble in Fukushima plant again / Dung as evidence

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Fukushima nuclear plant has had the power trouble 3 times due to “mouse” in the power system since this March.

They had another power trouble on 11/26/2013. Tepco found the dungs of small animal, concluded a small animal got into the connector board.


Around 7AM of 11/26/2013, the alarm went off at a power transformer.

After the first power trouble caused by a mouse this March, Tepco took prevention not to let small animal enter the power system, but they found 1cm×1cm space in the investigation. Tepco assumes a small animal entered the panel from the space.


(cf,The blackout was caused by a mouse in the panel board, the board has been left on the truck since 3/18/2011 [URL])

(cf, Tepco stopped coolant system of SFP reactor2 for finding TWO rats in power transformer [URL 2])

(cf, [Again] Charger panel in Fukushima Daini disordered due to a rat [URL 3])



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Un “petit animal” a encore provoqué un problème de courant dans la centrale de Fukushima / des crottes comme preuve
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Depuis mars dernier, la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima a connu 3 fois des problèmes de courant à cause de la présence de “souris” dans des systèmes électriques.
Il y a encore eu un problème ce 26 novembre 2013 : Tepco a découvert des crottes dans un tableau électrique et en a conclu qu’un petit animal était entré dedans.

Le 26 novembre 2013 vers 07:00, une alarme s’est enclenchée sur un transformateur électrique.

Tepco avait cherché à empêcher toute entrée de petits animaux dans les systèmes électriques après le premier incident provoqué par une souris, en mars dernier, mais, là, au cours de leur inspection ils ont découvert un trou de 1×1 cm. Tepco suppose qu’un petit animal est entré dans ce tableau par ce petit trou.

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  1. There is a cheap solution to this small animal problem that I use each winter and place in the garage. It is called a “Mouse Trap” and it works quite efficiently. Someone needs to tell the geniuses from TEPCO to purchase a packet or two and set them using peanut butter as the bait. Problem solved….

  2. Dear Ms. Kossack,
    Knowing TEPCO, they would take your advice and then throw thousands of snakes all over the plant to take care of these rodent incidents! lol You gotta laugh even in these morbid subjects or you go crazy!

    1. Snakes are not a solution.

      Snakes also cause electrical disruptions, when they crawl into electrical gear for warmth.


      Bill Duff

  3. no living thing, except microscopic slime can survive those rad levels- yet “small animals” continue to sabotage the plant defying the hotspot? not buying it, nope.

  4. It’s obvious by now to everyone that these are excuses for equipment failure due to super high rad levels damaging electrical equipment and shoddy manufacturing/installation. Is it really logical to think rats and small, TINY 1 sq. cm??? lol, mammals are causing such problems in such a deadly environment. Those little critters don’t have dose limits, all their food would be lethal, and about a thousand other reasons why these stories make no sense. I smell a “drop gun*.” (Remember though, the workers don’t build the devices used at the plant, just install and they are doing this in extremely radioactive areas. They don’t manufacture all these broken and breaking systems. They are the only ones with enough balls to even be there. In other words, heroes made to act by cowards: The story as old as human history.) Seriously though, at this point these stories are most likely just made up by TEPCO to cover-up failed equipment. It makes no sense! First time…ok, maybe; Second…no way; Third time… NO WAY! It’s just a lie again. lol Why just poop this time for “evidence,” can’t they find anything living there?

    * Refers to automatic weapons dropped by soldiers, shown in Iraq but probably an unwritten policy, when they murder civilians to make an excuse that the dead was actually some terrorist trying to kill him/her.

  5. Happy Tweets from Fukushima

    What I gather from the new Japan Official Secrets legislation, recently passed by one house of the Japanese Diet …

    Japan, Japan Inc., IAEA, WHO, TEPCO, Team Nuke and Barack Obama are peeing their pants and trembling with FEAR, over …

    Happy Tweets from Fukushima

    What a bunch of whiney, little tittybabies. IMHO


    Bill Duff

    1. Bullies and Cowards

      Barack Obama is, in the old Asian proverb, “Strong against the weak and Weak against the Strong”.

      That is to say, he is both a bully and a coward.

      Oh and a usurper and liar.

      Unarmed B52s, WTF is that about? Useless

      American Airlines are HAILING the Chicoms, whereas Japanese civilian airlines proceed normally.


      Bill Duff

  6. Rational Fear,

    The thing that seems most worthy of rational fear, IMHO …

    400+ Spent Fuel Pools scattered across the Globe. These Spent Fuel Pools are about the easiest imaginable (soft) ‘Target of Opportunity’, to any commando group, organized crime gang, terrorist sleeper cell or random ‘political action committee.

    Japan – 50, USA-99, ect.

    Easy to hit. A thousand vulnerable points of attack. Impossible to defend. Dramatic Results.


    Bill Duff

  7. Bed-Wetter Scenario,

    As opposed to fearing ‘Happy Tweets from Fukushima’, PERHAPS this would be more globally fearsome. If Southern Hemisphere nations were, as bent on ruthless, world domination, as Northern Hemisphere nations.

    If Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Venezuela, South Africa and/or Australia; targeted Northern Hemisphere Spent Fuel Pools. And they selected a sting of civilian nuclear power plants at about the 40th parallel north latitude. That would about ‘get her done’. About 90% of the radioactive fallout would concentrate between the 35th and 45th north latitude. And the locus of civilization would move to the Southern Hemisphere.


    Bill Duff

    1. Tweak the scenario,

      A double band of bombed Spent Fuel Pools, along the 35th and 45th parallels, or some similar target selection would utterly destroy civilization in the Northern Hemisphere.

      Oh and it would make the Malthusians SOOOO happy. They would finally be right.


      Bill Duff

      1. Oh, did ‘Homeland Security’ fail to run the ‘Southern Hemisphere’ scenario?

        Better get on it.

        Tick – Tock


        Bill Duff

  8. Speaking of small rodents … (IMHO)

    Japan’s new Secrets Bill Threatens To Muzzle The Press and Whistleblowers

    http www thedailybeast com/ (articles/2013/11/29/japan-s-new-secrets-bill-threatens-to-muzzle-the-press-and-whistleblowers) html – World News By Jake Adelstein November 29th 20135:45 am

    The Japanese government, which already has a long history of cover-ups and opaqueness, is on its way to becoming even less open and transparent after the lower house the Diet, Japan’s parliament, passed the Designated Secrets Bill on Tuesday. With new powers to classify nearly anything as a state secret and harsh punishments for leakers that can easily be used to intimidate whistleblowers and stifle press freedom, many in Japan worry that the if the bill becomes law it will be only the first step towards even more severe erosions of freedom in the country.

    The bill, which can criminalize investigative reporting of the government or its policies, still needs to pass the Diet’s upper house to become law and is meeting some last minute opposition on its way there. In politically complacent Japan, thousands of citizens took to the street in the last two weeks to protest the measure. Diet members are voicing disapproval and news organizations are standing opposed. Even cute Japanese celebrities have voiced their opposition, a sure sign that this is serious business in the land of the rising sun. Last week, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights voiced their disapproval and concerns, noting the “the Secrets bill threatens transparency… (it) includes serious threats to whistle-blowers and even journalists reporting on secrets”.

    With only 30% of the public supporting them, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party bloc pushed the legislation ostensibly to “ensure that Japan can share secrets with the US and other countries”. However, even politicians inside the ruling bloc are saying, “It can’t be denied that another purpose is to muzzle the press, shut up whistleblowers, and ensure that the nuclear disaster at Fukushima ceases to be an embarrassment before the Olympics.”

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