[Photo] The gap of temperature around fuel assembly captured by underwater camera

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Following up this article.. [Video] First spent fuel removal from reactor4 pool (underwater camera) [URL]

[Photo] The gap of temperature around fuel assembly captured by underwater camera

The underwater camera captured the temperature gap when the spent fuel assembly was pulled up by the crane.

The “steam”-like form of water is observed near the bottom of the fuel.

Tepco hasn’t announced the specific temperature of the fuel and the pool water.


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[Photo] La différence de température autour des assemblages capturée par la caméra sous-marine
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Article lié :  [Vidéo] Premier retrait de combustibles usagés de la piscine du réacteur 4 (caméra sous-marine)

[Photo] The gap of temperature around fuel assembly captured by underwater camera

La caméra sous-marine a capturé la différence de température du moment où l’assemblage de combustible usagé est extrait par la grue.
On voit une sorte de “vapeur” d’eau en bas de l’assemblage.
Tepco n’a pas donné les températures spécifiques du combustible et de l’eau de la piscine.

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  1. Excellent observation. If that is a steam bubble, it looks to get larger as the fuel assembly rises. That would make sense. The hydrostatic pressure falls as the assembly gets closer to the water surface. This allows the vapor to better overcome the surrounding water pressure, and increase the volume of the bubble.

    1. Marco Kaltofen,

      For the record, Marco Kaltofen is a preeminent member of the SCIENTIFIC community, performing important work related to documenting the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

      He and Arnie Gunderson worked together to gather and test automotive air filters and children’s shoes from Fukushima and Tokyo.

      Their work probably has resulted in some of the most useful, pristine data and information on the ongoing Fukushima crisis. Marco Katofen’s measurements in the rain-drenched Cascade Mountains were ALARMINGLY high.

      The citizenry of Japan in particular and rest of the Northern Hemisphere, OWE a great, and unrepayable debt to Marco Kaltofen. We are truly honored that you have commented on this subject matter. And I agree that the water density/convection/steam anomaly is an ‘excellent observation’, by a keen eye.


      Bill Duff

      1. Last week you were saying that it would stick, break, irradiate the workers, explode and cause nuclear holocaust. Now it’s perfectly normal, nothing unexpected.

        1. The depicted SPF-4 NEW fuel relocation appears to have been sucessful. Reportedly the first load of SPF-4 Spent Fuel did not go sideways.

          However, At ANY point, at any time, in the relocation of the damaged FDNPP Spent Fuel, it may: “stick, break, irradiate the workers, explode and cause nuclear holocaust.”

          Several fires were reported in FDNPP Spent Fuel Pools, explicitly including SPF-4. The condition of the spent fuel in SPF-1 and SPF-2 is likely much worse than SPF-4, due to the nuclear blast in MOX FUELED Reactor-3.

          The SPF-3 fuel will have sustained the most damage, if fuel remains in SPF-3, at all. Something turned the North American sky burnt orange with radioactive Iodine. SPF-4 is considered a likely suspect.


          Bill Duff

          1. Would new fuel be more likely to have caught fire if the water level dropped, compared to used fuel?

            I understand that used fuel may be brittle and more radioactive, but I suspect new fuel could show more fire damage.

  2. With all due respect to Lori-san, I don’t think this is steam.

    if the bottom of the array was hot enough to make steam, the rest of the
    array would be boiling away.

    this could be a little bit of trapped air from any gas that came up the plumbing lines,
    or some air that’s come out of solution.

    I wouldn’t worry about this except as maybe a sign of corrosion.

  3. the most interesting thing is the hole in the cladding visible at 2:40 onwards, where you can see the brown stuff coming out, and you can probably expect that this is one of the better of the 22 that were removed because it was at the edges of the array of assemblies in the SPF grid.

  4. I have looked at the video several times and at the resolution i have here cannot say any bubble at all. I can see some refraction in the water showing convection which means the fuel is heating the water as the fuel travels upwards. The most interesting thing for me is to wonder if we are looking at removal from SFP 4. In reality that could be removal from any similar place anywhere in the world and we would be more or less clueless to know any different.

  5. First some new fuel, now some spent fuel. We see similar sediment fall from the Spent (irradiated) Fuel as from the earlier new (never irradiated) fuel.

    Then we see certain differences, particularly thermal signatures. These thermal markers are consistent with the normal heat generation of Spent Fuel. We would expect on the order of several thousand watts from a Spent Fuel Assembly, which would vary according to UOX/MOS and age, and would exponentially decline with age. This thermal generation would primarily be the decay of the most active remaining fission products (cesium/strontium), under normal circumstances.

    Nothing appears out of the ordinary or expected. However, the source of this film is the pathological liars at TEPCO and their enablers in the IAEA, Japan government, USA and the contractor members of Team Nuke. So with that necessary caveat, so-far so-good, to appearances.


    Bill Duff

  6. Other “things can go badly and result in nuclear holocaust.” USA SAC B-52 bombers flying sorties over Japanese Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands. China recently declared unilateral airspace control over these islands.

    Barack Obama, (a poor LIAR), and lousy ally, claims the B52 Bombers are unarmed. Postwar Japan has never sanctioned USA nuclear-armed missions over their airspace. The USA public, and historically the USA Senate expect ALL military missions to be ‘locked and loaded’. The ChiComs consider the B52 bombers to be an outsider provocative act in a local territorial dispute.

    http www theguardian com/ (world/2013/nov/26/us-warplanes-defy-china-b-52-flyover)

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong?


    Bill Duff

      1. Attitude Adjustments

        Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin already uses Obama’s head for a mop and butt for a broom. Perhaps Chinese Premier Li Keqiang ALSO plans to give Barry Soetoro an ‘Attitude Adjustment’.

        http wwwsonglyrics com/ (hank-williams-jr/attitude-adjustment-lyrics/) http www youtube com/ (watch?v=t11OPt1VyDA) http www bbc co uk/ (news/world-asia-china-25144465) 28 November 2013 Last updated at 12:38 ET

        China sends warplanes to newly declared air zone

        China has sent warplanes to its newly declared air defence zone in the East China Sea, state media reports. The vast zone, announced last week, covers territory claimed by China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. China has said all planes transiting the zone must file flight plans and identify themselves, or face “defensive emergency measures”. But Japan, South Korea and the US have all since flown military aircraft through the area.

        Are ALL these military aircraft disarmed, Or just the USA B52’s, dispatched by the ‘nutless wonder’?

        1. No Harm – No Foul

          I might personally take umbrage at insults to a duly constituted, Article 2 qualifed American President. However, IMHO the USA has been in an interregnum period for about 7 years now. It appears that Congress and the courts are equally nutless.

          Even bogus elections have consequences. Welcome to the consequences.


          Bill Duff

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