[Breaking] Malignant thyroid tumor of Fukushima children spiked from 43 to 58 cases

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This summer, Fukushima prefectural government reported about 44 malignant and possible malignant thyroid tumor cases of the children (1 case was benign nodule).

(cf, [Breaking] 18 Fukushima children diagnosed with thyroid cancer / 44 malignant cases reported [URL])

According to their latest report published on 11/12/2013, the malignant and possible malignant cases even increased to be 58 cases (↑ 15 cases).

There are only 2 months interval from the last report.

27 children have already had surgery, and 26 of them were papillary cancer. Papillary cancer cases were 18 in the last report (↑ 8 cases).

The largest diameter of tumor was 40.5mm, which is 19% larger than the last report until the end of July.

The newest case found was 13 years old male, who was 11 years old when 311 took place. The diameter of this tumor is 30.3mm but has had no surgery yet.


[Breaking] Malignant thyroid tumor of Fukushima children spiked from 44 to 59 cases


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Français :

[Breaking] En 2 mois, le nombre de tumeurs malignes thyroïdiennes des enfants de Fukushima passe de 43 à 58
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La préfecture de Fukushima avait rapporté cet été l’existence de 44 cas de tumeur malignes ou probablement malignes de la thyroïde d’enfants (1 cas était un nodule bénin). (cf. [Breaking] 18 enfants de Fukushima diagnostiqués avec un cancer de la thyroïde : 44 cas de tumeurs malignes)

Selon leur dernier rapport publié le 12 novembre 2013, le nombre de cas de tumeurs malignes ou probablement malignes est passé à 58 cas (↑ 15 cas).
Il y a seulement 2 mois d’intervalle entre les deux rapports.
27 enfants ont déjà été opérés et 26 d’entre eux avaient un cancer papillaire. Les cas de cancer papillaire étaient de 18 dans le dernier rapport (↑ 8 cas).
La plus grosse tumeur avait un diamètre de 4,05 cm, soit 19 % plus grosse que dans le dernier rapport qui allait jusqu’à fin juillet.
Le cas le plus récent est un garçon de 13 ans qui avait donc 11 ans en mars 2011. Le diamètre de sa tumeur est de 3,03 cm mais il n’est pas encore opéré.

[Breaking] Malignant thyroid tumor of Fukushima children spiked from 44 to 59 cases

Article lié : [Nouvelle normalité] NHK : “Les problèmes de thyroïde sont une maladie du peuple japonais. Le cancer papillaire de la thyroïde est un cancer modéré”


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  1. Do you have information on the baseline of expected instances of these ailments in the absence of a possible cause such as radiation from Fukushima?

  2. So the 40.5 mm tumor is T3/Stage 3 cancer.
    T3: The tumor is larger than 4 cm across, or it has just begun to grow into nearby tissues outside the thyroid. Convert mm to cm (40.5 mm =4.5 cm!)
    After that it becomes more advanced. Either way, for a childr, not an easy disease or cure. Surgery to remove the tumor, radiation treatment/chemo, and possible damage to throat/speech ablity to eat..and to parathyroids. Anyone considered how these children will do with replacement hormones? What about having children? What about their future living with cancer..you can go into remission..but Stage 3 and above means constant tests and careful diagnosics. Cancer–its always with you.

  3. Has the Japanaese government been CHECKING all the children, or just a subset? And in USA, same thing! My one daughter has thyroid cancer for five years. My second daughter has just been diagnosised with an enlarged thryoid and is scheduled for tests/ultra sound next month. She has not been tested before. We are very concerned as we were exposed during Chernobyl. Now in USA, but you can not run from this poison…its with you forever.

    1. Goddamit, more people should be listening to people like you! Especially now, during the ongoing disaster at Fukushima.I hope your daughter is fine, as people like her will soon be the spokesperson of a generation for the ‘Fukushima children’ who are about to enter, or have already entered their teenage years.

  4. The ENENews webpage is generally an accurate source, of various stories about Fukushima and other topics. And they tend to keep their links available for a long time. They are not usually an ORIGINAL source, so the underlying links are provided, for reader evaluation and verification purposes.

    So here is an ODD set of circumstances: I have tried to follow the ENENews Link to the Mainichi site, in English and Japanese. And, the story has been blocked. So it is ‘a secret’ that evacuees are ‘BLOCKED’ from testifying about Japan Government Interference. Crapola, that sounds as bad as Barack Obama, the Kenya Native USA usurper/interloper, is directing the Japan Security Apparatus…

    The Mainichi, Nov. 11, 2013: NRA chairman blocks interviews with Fukushima residents over exposure doses […] NRA Chairman Shunichi Tanaka intervened to limit such interviews to friendly local government leaders, the Mainichi Shimbun has learned. Tanaka’s action is igniting a chorus of protests from members of the NRA’s expert panel […] The panel under NRA Commissioner Kayoko Nakamura’s leadership started deliberations in September by inviting five outside experts, including those in charge of emergency radiation medicine. […] However, when NRA Chairman Tanaka learned of the proposal in late October he rejected it […] Masafumi Yokemoto, professor of environmental policy at Osaka City University […] criticizes NRA Chairman Tanaka for meddling in the expert panel’s deliberations and blocking interviews with evacuees to draw a foregone conclusion that the repatriation of evacuees is the only viable option. […]

  5. There are SEVERAL CRIMES against humanity committed in this sorry episode.

    Japan, USA, IAEA, CTBTO, TEPCO & the Nuclear Contractors have: before the fact, during the fact AND after the fact; willfully deceived the GLOBAL public with regard to the reactor conditions, Radioactive Fallout levels, Evacuation Instructions, Anti-Radiation Drug needs, Anti-Radiation Drug availability, Contamination levels, Dosage Levels AS WELL AS Health Consequences.

    It is time to convene COMMON LAW PROCEDINGS and other analogous procedures for ‘Peoples Courts’, to bring these scofflaws to SWIFT and HARSH JUSTICE. That means a Hanging Court.


    Bill Duff

    1. The way this process works, is somewhat more familiar to the English, who on occasion ‘storm’ a courtroom and issue indictments against various outlaws in and outside of their government. The USA citizens and states explicity enshrined such actions in our foundational documents and retained several HUNDRED MILLION guns and several BILLION rounds of ammunition to ‘make it happen’.

      Therefore, with general reference to a few basic provisions: (and guided by the WRITTEN words of Thomas Jefferson, Constitutional Convention et al), which FOUNDED the United States of America. It is TIME to do this thing. IMHO

      “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

      http www archives gov/ (exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript) html
      http www law cornell edu/ (constitution/second_amendment)
      http www law cornell edu/ (constitution/fifth_amendment)
      http www law cornell edu/ (constitution/sixth_amendment)
      http www law cornell edu/ (constitution/ninth_amendment)
      http www law cornell edu/ (constitution/tenth_amendment

      I do not know how the Japanese go about this UNIVERSAL and occasionally necessary step.

      1. For a somewhat recent USA example …

        About 8 years ago, a regularly convened State District Court Grand Jury, against the wishes of the District Attorney, indicted a sitting Texas State Supreme Court Justice and his wife, for Arson and Obstruction Justice. The DA quashed the indictment, and the Grand Jury reindicted the couple and investigated the actions of the DA.

        Subsequent to their term, the Outgoing Grand Jury presented the matter to the Incoming Grand Jury, which AGAIN indicted the Justice and his wife. Several other abuses by the District Attorney resulted in State and Federal Investigations and his resignation ‘under fire’.

        The Supreme Court Justice was not tried, but lost his next election. The Grand Jury Indictment, with all its flaws, is arguably the only constitutional form to initiate a felony prosecution.


        Bill Duff

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