[Express] “My sister is a nurse in Tokyo, she said it’s time to evacuate children from Kanto area”

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My sister is a nurse in Tokyo. She sent me an email to say, “It’s time to evacuate children from Kanto area. TV celebrities chant support the restoration, but I wonder why they don’t try to save the children.”

I was relieved to hear the reliable word from my family member.




“I’ll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason”

Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums, APC


Français :

[Express] “Ma sœur, infirmière à Tokyo, dit que c’est le moment d’évacuer les enfants de la région de Kanto”
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Ma sœur est infirmière à Tokyo. Elle m’a envoyé un email disant “C’est le moment d’évacuer les enfants de la région de Kanto. Les célébrités de la télé chantent leur soutien à la récupération mais je me demande pourquoi ils n’essayent pas de sauver les enfants.”
J’ai été soulagée par les mots de réconfort de ma famille.
— てん (@manma1115) May 12, 2013


“Je serai celui qui vous protègera contre toute volonté de survie et contre la voix de la raison.”

“Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rythm Of The War Drums” – A Perfect Circle

  1. What/why has this become necessary now? What is the event(s) making her decide its time? There must be either increase in radiation, increase in knowledge on the total amount of REAL radiation exposure, or increased illness due to radiation. Might be all three reasons. By any chance..have thyroid noduals or cancer started to surface in and around Toyko? Or in specific areas–Kanto? Just curious what the trigger was. She is very very right..but something increased her concerns….

  2. The fact that she is a NURSE should turn some lights on JEC 😉
    I know of 2 people in Tokyo with thyroid problems most likely caused by radioactive iodine from Fukushima.
    Iodine is ND now so it must be something else. Yes, it would be interesting to hear more from her.

  3. Woman injured after man jumps in front of train in Tokyo

    A woman was injured by the body of a man who jumped off a platform into the path of an incoming express train at JR Shin-Koiwa Station in Tokyo on June 27, according to police.

    The man, apparently in his 30s, leaped in front of a Narita Express train that was passing by the station in Tokyo’s Katsushika Ward at around 2:40 p.m. on June 27. The man’s body hit the train and slammed into the legs of a woman in her 40s who was waiting on the platform.

    According to the Katsushika Police Station, the man died of severe injuries to his body. Witness accounts strongly indicate that the man’s death was a suicide.

    The incident led to the suspension of a total of six inbound and outbound trains including four express trains and delayed 28 trains up to 50 minutes, affecting some 7,000 passengers.

    A similar incident happened at the same station in July 2011 when a woman jumped in front of a train and injured four bystanders when her body crashed into a shop on the station platform.

    According to East Japan Railway Co. Chiba, a total of 13 train-passenger accidents have been reported at the station, including the one on June 27, since the July 2011 case. In response, in July last year the Katsushika Ward office requested the train company build security gates on the platforms at the station.

    June 28, 2013(Mainichi Japan)


    1. 新小岩駅:JR東、ホームドアを検討 飛び込み相次ぎ

      毎日新聞 2013年06月27日 23時30分(最終更新 06月27日 23時46分)




      1. (since the contents above seemed irrelevant & random this is a recent personal entry on a Science Blog)

        Hello from Japan, population density-wise the highest suicide rate nation on this planet called Earth.

        everything happens for a reason, the point is to see we are all equals, & to realize when you pick out on someone else’s flaw, the irony tends to be that flaw is yourself.

        Id like to somehow start this off centered upon a recent online tragedy about a couple in Australia whom recently drowned & perished in what was intended to be a year-long getaway ‘dream come true’ ended in a nightmare. i visited the victims online crafting site Whipup.com & there was a post there that caught my eye being a quote of someone’s favorite book “Do The Work” by Steven Pressfield :

        “A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and over think and hesitate.”

        Neverland or not, we’ve heard this quote over & over in many fashions & we’ll never come to terms with it. its something to do with ‘innocence’ perhaps.. according to the ‘original sin’ we are born ‘guilty’ & thus we spend the rest of our lives redeeming ourselves. now to start diverting into topic, Suicide is much like ‘innocence lost’.. isn’t it? meaning theres also many many ways to kill oneself without actually winding up in a pool of thy own blood each time. crazy people make suicidal decisions, for example. now to bring this to a much more galactic spiritual scale, we live in this mortal plane in flesh & blood, sometimes seen as divine punishment. i didn’t just make that up… i think the reason Earthlings thrive is merely on one principal & that is not the fear of Death entirely, but more the fear of Hell. this cryptic thought has been around since god-knows-when.. i recently touched upon it again through an ancient concept in Hinduism that there are MANY dimensions & realms of Lustful Hell we pass through.. almost like galaxies. so we ask, why can’t we solve something so trite as Global Hunger? Prostitution? the list of endless suffering which seems in an extremely obtuse relation with ‘happiness’. it recently struck me, because it was never meant to be solved.. much like existence in general.. just its said that moment you part as an enlightened being you will be given that Greater Truth.. which is cynical cuz an enlightened being wouldnt really care anyhow. an enlightened being doesnt spend the rest of their lives proving they are better than another for a reason. but this is one element that causes the depression that triggers suicide, which is the desire to live someone else’s life.. we often dont see how ‘celebrities’ suck the life out of fans to sustain their Ego. once that quota of ego cannot be sustained, then self-destruction tends to be the only way out.

        as ol’ Master Buddha pointed out, “Existence is Suffering caused by Desire”.

        so comes the threat of just What Is Hell? every culture has its own answers.. but the cosmic balance as stated above is that for every Heaven there is a Hell.. so often both go hand in hand. most of us would not bare the burden of living as a celebrity nor as a circus performer, nor would we want to wind up in an Addiction that parallels all suffering. my theory alas, is it wasnt always this way.. as first off the population only exploded over the last few centuries, & there must be a good reason for that. That in an abstract superhero story sense, was once upon a time an Atomic Weapon was dropped on a fable called Hiroshima Nagasaki Japan, is when all Hell broke loose. it was when all those Hindi levels of suffering & bliss fused into one reality.. call it Science if you will. it was when Heaven & Hell now both exist on this planet in a single manifest ruled by a naked emperor called Love. & with always with the paradox, one man’s Heaven can easily be another persons putrid Hell.. that goes without saying when it comes to sexual warfare.

        again, i can say this while you ‘believers’ bite your thumbs at me.. because we will never know. reason again, while i have the habit of warping out of topic, is next to the original sin, is the socalled Cardinal Sin.. which applies to anyone who has chosen willfully to take their own sex-miracle-given lives. burn over & over & over.. as if in a Nuclear Nightmare right, as i live right next to one right now called Fukushima but i care not to go into that cuz ill write hatred infinitely. but this is kind of like life… its fleeting, & even more temporary. the galaxy as far as we know has been around for Zillions of years & our chance in it is a mere blink of a nano-second it would seem. & to the opposite of that, Death is permanent.. id hate to say forever but much like hate itself it has no limits, an abyss.. just like that liberating feeling we have when we look up at a flawless clear night sky.

        The Universe Within.

        i actually thought Constantine with Keanu Reeves had a very comical yet truthful take on where Hell is.. i didnt like the movie at first being corny & horribly edited but its one of those creepers. it teaches us ‘The One’ is capable of passing trough these many dimensions of Hell & such to a point where he gains a mission, of well, the usual ‘rescue fantasy’ i suppose. on the other end, there is someone whom i recently met & respect called Krishna, whom is the Ultimate Lord that will eventually descend upon us on his dark horse to put lustful, greedy, diseased mankind out of its misery.

        So my sad thesis is, well also for the sake of people whom are so pro-life they are afraid of dying.. is that suicide is not a way out. meaning its not a form of acceptable death, cuz in theory, why should someone whom has modestly strode through the graces of life be in the same courtroom with someone whom just put a bullet through their head? is this not the ‘justice system’ all you logics rant of ceaselessly? unlike the human justice system i think we can assume The Almighty has something in store for all of us.

        & to all those trigger-happy ‘i cant live without my weapons & electronics’ people.. it has been noted that now Suicide has surpassed Cancer as the #1 cause of death in America. now theres some suicidal pistol for thought.

        fact is, if we let all the Nukes off at once we could easily destroy this physical plane.. hell, maybe even the spirit world too.. i recently realized why we worship & scapegoat Superheros as Superman himself cuz Planet Krypton doesnt seem like much a farcry to our current dilemma. think bout it.. a planet fueled by super-mortals that eventually destroyed itself.. & that fragment of planet wandered in space for light light years until landing in *cough*canada*cough* it explains everything really.. our obsession with Nuclear Energy for starters.. as we spirituals as well as even mathematicians know even a tiny fraction of an element contains the whole memory & the information of The Origin.

        well before i rant aimlessly.. thank you for having the courage & kindness to read this far, as i write for Fun & am sorry if some of your values were trampled upon along the way of making a point. my conclusion is even for myself a day doesnt go by without a suicidal thought.. once one becomes too enlightened there is a nullifying void of how Meaningless everything becomes. but until that fateful day, ill just have to give thanks for what i have, which is boastfully alot but on the material plane, something that could disappear in a day, like a natural disaster. yet i have empathy as well as apathy for those who have lost their way, i used to be a Superhero myself until people buried me with their problems & ignorance.

        Big Brains & Tiny Hearts,

        Ziro Japan

  4. Now it is time to evacuate the children? Now? After two years? The incorporation of radio nuclides have already happened in the very first hours/days. What now comes slowly and inevitable are the visible health effects.
    Sure – staying makes it even worse but the evidence to evacuate the children comes a bit late…

    Japan will now go onto the same dreadful journey the other contaminated regions of the world have already started (Techa-Region, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) – increased infant mortlity, distortions, cancer and other radiation induced health effects. And this is just the beginning. The horror starts with the second generation born long after the accident.

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