J Gov plans to introduce the new system to medically record women’s physical condition, “to make them breed sooner”

Japanese government is considering introducing the new system to manage and record all the women’s physical conditions.

The purpose is to make Japanese women bear children before early 30s according to Cabinet office.

It’s called “Women’s note”. They are planning to make female early teenagers start keeping it when having cervical cancer vaccine, or make 20 years old women start when having the medical inspection of cervical cancer.

Prime Minister Abe plans budget inclusion for the research next year.

There is no announcement about if it’s related to the potential health problems from radiation exposure or cervical cancer vaccine.






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Français :

Le gouv. nippon va mettre en place un nouveau système de suivi médical des femmes, “pour qu’elles se reproduisent plus tôt”


Le gouvernement japonais envisage la mise en place d’un nouveau système de gestion et d’enregistrement de la condition physique de toutes les femmes.

Selon les bureaux du Cabinet, l’objectif est que les femmes japonaises portent des enfants avant d’avoir atteint la trentaine.
Il s’appelle “Women’s note“. Ils prévoient de faire commencer les grossesses aux jeunes adolescentes ayant reçu un vaccin contre le cancer cervical ou que celles des femmes de 20 ans ne commencent qu’après avoir été examinées et vaccinées contre le cancer cervical.
Le premier ministre Abe prévoie d’inclure un budget pour cette recherche l’an prochain.
Il n’y a aucun communiqué précisant si c’est en relation avec les risques sanitaires associés à l’exposition aux radiations ou à ceux du vaccin contre le cancer cervical.


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  1. Dear god do not give the ‘cervical cancer vaccine’ to any females anywhere at any time.
    It is proven ineffective and extremely dangerous.

    A healthy woman/man can have healthy children well into their life, not only as ‘nubile youths.’

    Ignore the insane criminal mafia/government.

  2. The real reason for Japan’s declining birth rate is because Japanese women are finding Japanese men undesirable, unfit, unattractive to marry and build a family with. (Japanese women rarely have babies without getting married, so marriage must happen first if you want them to have babies.)

    Educated and smart Japanese women don’t want to marry Japanese men. Why? The answer is easy! Just look at the government leaders and TEPCO management, how coward, incompetent, and greedy they have been, even in the wake of the one of the most devastating national crisis. How little the Japanese society in general did to protect the women, children, and unborn children? They did absolutely nothing, not even to distribute the iodine pills — all the while telling lies and fattening their own wallet.

    We the Japanese women are not a breeding machine — in case Abe and you guys didn’t know that yet!

    “You guys” mean those who want to control women’s body by limiting access to birth control and reproductive healthcare. This includes the innuendo on this blog that somehow cervical cancer presention is worse than the cancer itself! You guys have no idea how cruel this cancer is, and how prevalent Human papillomavirus is… It is transmitted by skin contact, you don’t have to have sex, and it can stay dormant without any symptoms for decades until it is usually too late.

    1. Not sure if you seem to be supporting vaccines, but it sure looks like the people pushing them have a strong eugenics streak. As an example, Bill Gates’s father was the head of Planned Parenthood, and a friend of David Rockefeller, who many would call Nazi Number 1.

    2. ur being manipulated…. the major reason of any cancer isnt virus or any dna mutation crap they told u. that so called vaccine is useless and you probably dont know they could cure cancer with cesium chloride 30yrs ago.

      1. Ingest enough Cesium and you die.
        End of cancer problem. More remarkable if patient lives, though. :rolleyes:

    3. Nobody said you had to marry the government or TEPCO. There are plenty of nice guys out there who don’t earn as much (because they aren’t assholes). You just need to either lower your expectations or find a country that isn’t run by corrupt assholes, where you don’t need to be rich to be happy.

      It’s also not just smart or educated women that don’t want to marry Japanese men. Men and women everywhere have increasingly unrealistic expectations of each other. They don’t even realize that their expectations are shaped by the media around them. Instead of blaming the source, they blame each other.

      Nobody said women are breeding machines, either. But it is fact that women can get pregnant, and men cannot. It is not intentional sexism, it is nature. If you find solutions to gender problems, by all means, please share them with the rest of the world.

      It is also fact that Japan’s birth rate is declining. You can blame general society for failing to act, but it is the assholes on top who use their power to negatively influence and suppress society.

      From the beginning, if TEPCO and the government had said “this is dangerous, everybody needs to act”, people would have listened without arguing. Instead, they sow lies and create confusion, turning society on itself, like you are doing. You cannot have a functioning reasonable society when everyone is confused and conflicted against each other.

      Also, you are accusing people of not understanding cervical cancer. You are jumping to conclusions again. The fact is, cervical cancer vaccines have been proven ineffective and in several cases have paralyzed or killed women who used it. Just because people advise you against attempting a risky ineffective “cure” does not mean they do not understand or care for the condition. I hope you realize that the vaccine industry is still an industry, and they make a lot of money.

  3. Politicians daughters will tell their fathers, No Way.
    Politicians are fathers, mothers, grandparents.
    Even the most stupid idea, will have to give way to common sense.
    In Australia, an effective means was to bring in a Baby Bonus, of cash payment to parents, so that some younger mothers would consider having a child. It became clear that a one off payment was a disaster, so now there is monthly payment during the first year of the child.
    Incentives work better than surveillance and co-ercion.

  4. For each society that is at war, the same rules apply. Get many children as soon as possible. It is the only way for the society to survive. This is only the fist slowly beginning of the change in Japan. What will all happen when the average age is comming down to 60 or 50 ! What will happen when young intelligent people realise the danger and want to emigrate. In 20 years the old goverment is over and the new one will be itself affected by nuclear radiation. Japan is not Russia, they can not walk anway.

  5. I note the younger the woman, the more possible Telomeres they have to work with.
    So, now it’s Biogenics? Maybe Cyberbiogenics?

    When will they have “”Snake Pliskin” Escape from Fukushima!” ???

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