[Express] “Collected signatures for ministries are just stocked in warehouse and ignored”

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Petitions.. No matter how many signatures you collect, even if you directly submit it to vice-ministers, they are all put in cardboard boxes. They are just stocked in the warehouses.





I know this because every time they give us signatures, me and my boss are ordered to stock the signatures in the warehouse.





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[Express] “Les signatures collectées à l’attention des ministères sont simplement mises à l’entrepôt et ignorées”

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Pétitions … Le nombre de signatures que vous récoltez n’a aucune importance, même si vous les remettez aux vice-ministres, ils les mettent toutes dans des cartons et elles sont rangées dans les placards.


Je le sais parce que chaque fois qu’ils nous remettent des signatures, mon patron et moi recevons l’ordre de les mettre à l’entrepôt.

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  1. To have an effective Petition
    Petitions needs to go DIRECT to a Member of Parliament
    The Member of Parliament needs to submit it to Parliament as a new Bill or as an Amendment to an existing piece of Legislation.
    If no political party or member wants to be seen speaking against the Petition Motion in Parliament
    then they will let it pass.
    If they are not allowed to vote on it by their Party they will abstain.
    To object to the Petition they will need to speak to the Motion of the Petition through the House of Parliament.
    Very few politicians want to be seen in the media opposing improvements in health care, child safety and other prevention measures necessary now in Japan to make the food supply safe for children.
    It is necessary to find a Politician in the Japanese Parliament who is prepared to support you putting a Petition up for consideration.
    It doesn’t matter what Party. Any Member of Parliament will do.
    They can put up a Petition from their voters. Your local member of Parliament is the best bet.
    All the legislation passed in Parliament actually goes through as a Petition. It is the original form of democracy.
    It will be allowed in the Constitution.
    Please ask a Human Rights Lawyer to assist you in preparing a Petition in the right words to be submitted to your Parliament.
    This is a basic Right of the Voter in a Democracy, to put up a Petition to Parliament via their local Politician.
    We do this in Australia to change old laws that are in the way of Human Rights and Child Safety.
    Cheers Helen

  2. Supporters get disillusioned when there are no results from online Petitions and from local actions.
    It is necessary when there is a health crisis, and real change is needed from the Government, to go direct to the Parliament, and stay at the Parliament, and get some Politician to help you get real change.
    The media at the Parliament will be interested.
    The staff at the Parliament will help you.
    You have to make your Democracy work for you.

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