Fukushima worker “If you have heatstroke in Fukushima plant, you’ll be fired”


Working in the protective clothing is extremely hard and now it’s very hot. However, because of the shortage of nuclear workers, they can’t not even take enough rest not to have heatstroke.(cf. Fukushima worker “Shortage of nuclear worker is becoming serious”)

On 7/31/2012, actual Fukushima worker commented the working condition in Fukushima. He says sub-contract workers are fired if they have heatstroke. He also pointed out Tepco’s questionnaire for sub-contract workers about the working condition was false.[Link]

The result of mentioned questionnaire was published on 7/30/2012, it showed 69% of the sub-contract workers were supposed to answer “Food is bad or not good.”
They were supposed to add the comments like “Because we are worried about internal exposure, we expect Tepco to improve the menu.” or “We want the lunch boxes to be bigger.”

However, the Fukushima worker says there is no food served to sub-contract workers so the answers were fabricated by Tepco.




The comment added to answer “Lunch box is too small” was made by Tepco employee, not sub-contract worker because they have to bring their own lunch box and they are even fired once they have heatstroke. I feel angry for the fabricated results of the questionnaire.




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