[Earthquake] Scale 5 only in Fukushima, but not listed in USGS series.

At 18:56 of 8/12/2012 (JST), M4.2 hit Fukushima.

However, scale 5- was observed only in Nakadori Fukushima, where is about 55km from Fukushima plant. It was scale 1~ 2 in other places.

It’s supposed to be scale 1 around Fukushima plant.

According to Japan meteorological agency, the epicenter was “very shallow”.

The connection between this earthquake and Fukushima plant is not known, but this earthquake is not listed in USGS series by 4:51 of 8/13/2012 (JST, UTC+9 ).

↓ It’s scale 5 only in Nakadori Fukushima. [Link]

[Earthquake] Scale 5 only in Fukushima



↓ Japan Meteorological agency doesn’t report the scale. Also it merely reports the depth of epicenter as “very shallow”. [Link]

[Earthquake] Scale 5 only in Fukushima2


↓ Scale 5- [Link]

[Earthquake] Scale 5 only in Fukushima 5


↓ No such an earthquake on the list of USGS (United States Geological Survey). [Link] The earthquake happened at 9:56 of 8/12/2012 (UTC)

[Earthquake] Scale 5 only in Fukushima 9





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