Anti-nuke arson suspect killed himself


Following up this article..Metropolitan Police Department went cautious about guerilla for Tepco

The suspect killed himself in July.

After his death, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau sent the papers pertaining to the suspect (58) case to the Public Prosecutors Office on 8/17/2012.
Public Security Bureau identified him from security camera, investigated his house in June. They found documents to criticize Tepco and nuclear power from his PC.

He was suspected to have thrown molotov cocktail at Central research institute of electric power industry sponsored by Tepco on 4/24/2012, and also at Tepco sales office in Chofu on 6/2/2012.




  1. Interesting Editorial from Yomiuri, commenting on U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and former Assistant Secretary of Defense Joseph Nye report “The U.S.-Japan Alliance: Anchoring Stability in Asia.”

    No surprises really. The usual, US pushing Japan into the TPP and calling for “to more widely resume the operation of nuclear plants.”

    This kind of shit reminds of the Charlie Sheen scene in “Platoon. ‘You just don’t f#%*ing get it!!’”

  2. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Un antinucléaire suspecté d’être un incendiaire s’est suicidé
    Par Mochizuki, le 17 août 2012.

    Le suspect s’est suicidé en juillet.

    Après sa mort, le 17 août 2012, le bureau de la sécurité publique du Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department a envoyé les dossiers (58) en liaison avec le suspect au bureau des procureurs.
    Le bureau de la Sécurité Publique l’avait identifié grâce aux caméras de surveillance et avait perquisitionné à son domicile en juin. Ils avaient trouvé dans son PC des documents critiquant Tepco et l’énergie nucléaire.

    Il était suspecté d’avoir lancé le 24 avril 2012 des cocktails Molotov contre l’institut central des recherches de l’industrie électrique subventionné par Tepco et d’en avoir fait de même contre l’agence commerciale de Tepco de Chofu le 2 juin 2012.

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  3. I wonder how many other instances similar to this story have been supressed? If their intention was to “demonize” this poor guy via “criticizing TEPCO and being anti-nuke”-then they’re mistaken. The attempt to slander him even after he died as a result of TEPCO and Intl. nuke policy is a big FAIL on their part! If I’d heard of someone throwing a Molotov Cocktail at a building for selfish ,stupid,or no reason given at all- and then committing suicide-I’d normally say “Good Riddance” of another “terrorist”! But even though I won’t say that I condone his actions-I completely understand his logic and motivation and the utter desperation he must’ve felt before he implemented his only crude and primitive resources he could resort to. Considering the action didn’t cause death or injury to those he felt were complicit in the nuclear atrocities suffered by the world-then I conclude that he was the only “victim” in this specific chain of events and it’s a shame as I’d bet he was a frequent visitor and perhaps contributer to this website and the handful of others who recognize Fukushima and the nuke industry for “what it really is”-and we need to “gain”,not lose more of our “friends”(?) With that said, imagine how much worse things could’ve been if he had the knowledge & resources to have conducted a much more serious and perhaps “explosive” assault on a “nucleocrat headquarters” bldg.,etc.?!! While it’s a tragedy from any standpoint-at least the guy doesn’t have to remain in a crap world,dominated by crap people,and he escaped the “slow death”and prolonged agony that will now more often than not,be the way the rest of us will likely meet our ends!! The only way to beat them now is to figure out a way to gain control of the MSM and avoid acts of violence that WILL be used to justify putting those of us who loathe both the industry and it’s foul technology on a terrorist watch list,or “other(?) shitlist” to discourage and discredit us and our agenda of “trying” to save our world!! Good Luck!! We need it!!!

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