News: July 31, 2011

Scale 5 in Fukushima 7/31/2011 7:15AM


In 20km area.Pigs and Cows were left and dead.Survived ones were killed after taking these pictures.

Anti nuc demonstration 7/23/2011 @Shibuya

Cesium 767Bq/kg detected from a junior highschool in Ito shi Shizuoka ken,which is as high as in radiation controlled area of Chernobyl.

Kitakyushu shi accepcted highly radioactive sewage sludge ash from Chiba→Kitakyushu shi threw 98.8% of them to the sea.

The heavyweight of Japanese actress,Yoshinaga Sayuri declared she’s against nuc.

Exhaust air duct is damaged at Fukushima dai ni,again.

The only anti nuc government bureaucrat,Mr Koga,had his house spot blackout by Tepco 7/30/2011.
It turned out that someone left dead/bloody Masked Musang in front of his house last week to threaten him.

State Oceanic Administration detected as 300times much cesium137 as average,10times much strontium90 ,and cesium134.
“Western Pacific ocean is obviously contaminated by Fukushima.”

Radiation day.
0.23uSv/h detected in Meguroku Tokyo with the counter of RADEX1503.

May ; Farmer,”I’m afraid of hay.Can we really feed cows with hay?”
         Public officers,”Yeah,here you go.”
July ; “Hay was the reason for cesium beef.Farmers were too careless”,public officers.

School,hospital,private institutions in Hokkaido are avoiding Fukushima food.
They are seeking for safe food such as imported food.

Kitten T.T.
Even in Kyoto,they detect 0.2uSv/h.

衆議院テレビなら削除されませんRT @sasuriya34 @hanayuu こんにちは、児玉教授の動画がもう削除されました。ブログ内動画はみれませんが、全文は読むこと出来ます。拡散願います
Dr.Kodama’s video was already removed from everywhere.Now our fellows keep uploading.There is no reason for them to have to remove if it’s a video of House of Representatives.

The first anti nuc demonstration was held in Fukushima.

神奈川県川崎市で0.2マイクロシーベルトというtweetがあった…。 避難するか、しないか。の問題ではないと思う。いつ、避難するかの問題になってると思う…。 決断の日違いと思う…
0.2uSv/h in Kawasakishi Kanagawaken. It’s not if you should evacuate or not.It’s when to evacuate.

そうでしたか。ご存知の通り南部はセメント会社が引き取らず約3ヶ月分の焼却灰が蓄積されたまま。北部のは公共工事に使用中“@kmtchan南部です。 鶴見はまだ測ってみていませんが、同じような設備らしいので、都内の処理場に比べて大気漏れは少なめなのかもしれません。 ただ、要観察です。
Radioactive sewage sludge from South Yokohama is left for 3 months after burnt.The one from North Yokohama is used for public works.

Cobalt 60 was detected in Kashiwa shi of Chiba.
It proves reactor 3 had an atomic explosion.
and it proves gov / tepco are still hiding most important facts.It’s very natural to think there may be way more things concealed.

Abiko elementary school in Chiba served cesium beef for school lunch (649Bq/kg)

Mutated fish from Fukushima sea.

[For Japanese readers]
On demand radiation map.
You request→Someone checks radiation on the demanded location.
The best localized radiation map that I’ve ever seen.

List of parachutist from Agency for Natural Resources and Energy to power companies.

Anti nuc movement tends to be thought as left wing.→Right wing helped them having an anti nuc demonstration in Tokyo.

Seiyu sold cesium beef at 315 branches ,in 24 prefectures in total.

[For Japanese readers]

Import regulations of other countries for Japanese food.(From ministry of farm.)

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