Column of the Day: July 31, 2011 “Still alive”

Thank God.I’m still alive.
Every morning ,I check my pillow if I didn’t nose bleed while I was sleeping.
Today my fingers hurt. They say it’s because I type too much but from reading a lot of the comments on the internet,I can’t help suspecting if it’s low dose symptom.
All the worst assumptions have been turning out to be true since 311. Nothing of the gov / Tepco’s statement has been correct.
Statement of IAEA or “experts” were not even worth of considering.
Today,here around Tokyo marked 0.2uSv/h for some reason.It’s as high as when reactor 3 exploded.
All the worst assumptions have been right. Something might be going on in Fukushima again though it will never be officially announced.
More people are starting to say,it’s not if we should evacuate overseas or not.It’s WHEN to evacuate.
That’s true.
I don’t want to die. I want to live.God,that’s all I want.
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