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Column of the Day: July 29, 2011

Why am I posting? I used to export Japanese pop culture goods as my small business,but I’m explaining the radiation risk to my customers,recommending them not to buy anything from


News: July 29, 2011

Teacher who warned their students about radiation got fired in Fukushima. via @reitsuba れいつば@鬼嫁 旦那の健康診断の結果を改めて見てたら、正常の範囲内ではあるけど白血球の数が去年は84一昨年は82なのに今年は急に47になってる。そして、去年、一昨年は正常だった赤血球数と血色素量と結球容積で引っかかって、要医療になってる。被曝と合わせて検索すると被曝の可能性も無きにしも非ずなのね Health check result of my husband→White blood cells decreased to half as last year.Hemoglobin