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10 μSv/h from a container to ship to Taiwan / Honmoku pier in Yokohama

4.5 ~ 10 μSv/h was measured from a container on 4/13/2014. It was to be shipped from Honmoku pier to Taiwan, but it is not announced what is specifically in the container.   The employee of Japan Post Holdings detected the radiation level over 5 μSv/h before loading, which is higher than the safety limit [...]

Significant level of cesium-134/137 from 3 of 3 bamboo shoot samples in Yokohama

Significant level of Cs-134/137 were measured from 3 of 3 bamboo shoot samples in Yokohama.   Over 3 years have passed but still Cs-134/137 are detected from food. The sampling location is Yokohama. The samples were collected on 4/1/2014. The highest reading was 34 Bq/kg (Cs-134/137), the lowest was 15 Bq/kg. Because Cs-134 is measured [...]

[Express] “0.17 μSv/h in the hotel room in front of the station of Yokohama”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> The atmospheric dose is 0.08 μSv/h in the house of Gunma. On the other hand, it’s over 0.17 μSv/h in the hotel room in front of the station in Yokohama. It becomes 0.10 μSv/h when I turned off the air conditioner. Maybe there is nowhere [...]

[Express] “300 Bq/Kg in the park of Konanku Yokohama city”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> 300 Bq/Kg measured in the park of Konan ku Yokohama city. ・・・ <End> 横浜市港南区の公園300bq。RT @kappel0208: チェルノブイリ法(1991年) 移住の権利 1msv/年(≧185kbq/m2)” — non (@kaignong) June 17, 2013     Iori Mochizuki Monthly donation is also very helpful ! _____ Français : [Express] “300 Bq/kg relevés dans le parc [...]

Unusual number of avian lives found dead in Yokohama, municipal gov “H7N9 not detected”

Around 8:00 of 4/30/2013, unusual number of birds were found dead in Yokohama city. The location is near JR Kannai station. 20 dead crows and 1 dead pigeon were found within 100m radius area. Yokohama city government announced Avian influenza (H7N9) was not detected from 4 of the dead crows. The dead birds did not [...]

[コラム] 取り返しのつかないもの

This is the Japanese version of this column.   おれは横浜で生まれて育って、中学も高校も横浜の学校に行った。厳しいカソリックだった。 晴れた日にはよく屋上に上がって友達と昼飯を食った。横浜港が見えた。産業港だが黒板よりは綺麗に思った。風が強く、”このまま飛んでいきてえ”とよく思った。そのままアメリカとかに行きたかった。 13年以上経ち、確かに飛んだ。アメリカにも行った。でもまさかこういう行き方をするとは思っていなかった。飛んだというか、吹き飛ばされたという感じだ。 10代の頃というのは小さいことでも楽しめるものだ。おれにとってはラーメンを食ってレコード屋を周るのが楽しかった。 しかしこれは思い出ではない。物理的、技術的にもはや取り返すことの出来ない現実だ。この2つの間は僅かだが全然違う。 普段おれは何かを懐かしがったりすることはないけど、風が窓から吹いてきた時にふと思い出した。 横浜を出る時最後に見たものは、4ヶ月間咲きっぱなしのヒマワリ。コンクリートの上で実をつけてるトマト。満開のオシロイバナで遊ぶ幼稚園の子供たちだ。12月に。 おれの中学高校は、東大や一橋の先生方が子供を送り込む学校でもある。(おれの親父は高卒) あそこでは夏、福島にキャンプに行くのが恒例だった。おれも何回か行った。 しかし2011年以降取りやめた。保護者からの要請でだ。何が起こっているのか、彼らは知ってるんだろう。     Iori Mochizuki

[Column] The last things I saw

I was born and grew up in Yokohama. My junior high school and high school are in Yokohama too. The school is Catholic. It is famous for being strict. In a sunny day, I used to go up to the roof and had lunch with my friends. There I can see Yokohama port. It’s only [...]

[Food contamination] Cs-137 from orange produced in Shizuoka, sold in Yokohama

According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 0.73 Bq/Kg of Cs-137 was measured from Orange. The orange was produced in Shizuoka prefecture. It was distributed for sale in Yokohama city. The sampling date was 4/17/2013. Fukushima Diary doesn’t really trust the reading of this measurement. Instead, the points of this measurements are this below, [...]

[Express] “A lot of azaleas with 6 petals found in Yokohama”

↑ Rinko park in Yokohama     Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> Rinko park in Yokohama city. There were a lot of azaleas mutated to have 6 petals (Usually it has 5 petals). don’t need comments from “professional gardeners”. <End> みなとみらいの臨港パーク、6枚花弁のツツジたくさんあった。エンゲーカさんはコメント無用。… — りんこさん (@rinqo) 2013年4月10日   ↓ Normal azalea [...]

56,100 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from the filter of air cleaner in Yokohama, 253km from Fukushima plant

Significantly high level of Cs-134/137 was measured from the filters of air cleaner in Yokohama, where is in south of Tokyo. (253 km from Fukushima plant)   <Translate> This is the dust accumulated in the air cleaner set on the second floor of a house in Yokohama. The sample is only 2g, so the credibility [...]

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