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There is 1m gap on the ground of reactor1 seaside

On the seaside of reactor1, there is a gap of level on the ground.   A freelance journalist mentioned this in Tepco’s press conference of 4/2/2014. The height of the gap is approx. 1m. She commented she found that when she visited Fukushima plant last month.   It is located near the entrance of reactor1 [...]

Still 690 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 measured from ground soil in Yamagata city / Beside a water distribution station

↑ The screenshot of the street view where 690Bq/kg was measured from the soil of.   Still high level of Cs-134/137 is detected from the ground soil in Yamagata city, according to Yamagata university and Yamagata prefectural government. Because Cesium-134 is detected, this is from Fukushima accident for 100%.   The highest reading was 690 [...]

A Fukushima worker died from crushed under the concrete base of a building

A Fukushima worker died being crushed under a piece of concrete on 3/28/2014.   The worker was inspecting the building base of a container warehouse. When he went into the pit of 2m depth, a piece of the concrete base fell down from the building and he was crushed. He was working with 14 other [...]

Cesium-134/137 level spiked in 21 elementary school ground soil in Kamakura in 2013

Note : Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary. Fukushima Diary is genuinely supported by your donation. Monthly recurring donation is also appreciated.     Cesium-134/137 density spiked up in 13 of 16 elementary school ground soil of Kamakura in 2013. In these 16 schools, Cesium-134/137 density was lower than detectable level in 2012, however it [...]

The bottom of a swimming pool in Samukawa-machi Kanagawa rose up by 30cm / 60km east from Mt. Fuji

According to Samukawa-machi town government, the bottom of a swimming pool rose up by 30cm on 7/29/2013. The pool (50m, 16m, 0.8~1m) is run by the town government. A lifeguard found the bottom rose up before the noon of 7/29/2013. For the security concerns, they are going to close the pool this year. They opened [...]

[Express] “Why more and more people having the pain on the sole of foot ?”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> This morning NHK reported more and more people are having the pain on the sole of foot. In the news show, they said it’s because of the thin shoe sole and more people got to jog. but everyone has been wearing thin sole shoes and [...]

[Concern about the soundness of ground] Fukushima worker “1m deep ground fissure came to us near reactor5,6 on 311″

An anonymous Fukushima worker had an interview with a magazine Gendai business and talked about the plant situation just after 311. The interview was published on 4/1/2011, but Fukushima Diary found a part of the statements crucial. According to the worker, “When 311 took place, the ground fissured near reactor5 and 6. It was approximately [...]

[Sign of Mt. Fuji activity?] The large landslide accelerates, 40m more to go

On 4/23/2013, Fukushima Diary reported the landslide in 100km from Mt. Fuji. (cf, [Sign of Mt. Fuji activity?] Large landslide happened in 100km from Mt. Fuji, 80m high, 70m wide [URL]) On 4/25/2013, the landslide is accelerating. At 22:00 of 4/25/2013, another major landslide took place. There is still 40m of the ground crack over [...]

[Sign of Mt. Fuji activity?] Large landslide happened in 100km from Mt. Fuji, 80m high, 70m wide

On 4/23/2013, a large landslide suddenly took place in Shizuoka prefecture. It’s 70m wide and the height is 80m. 22 people of 6 households were told to evacuate. 2 days before the landslide, they found the ground crack of 15cm wide and 150m long. The width increased at 3mm/h on 4/21/2013, 4mm/h on 4/22/2013. The [...]

1,050,000 Bq/Kg from the soil beside reservoir in Fukushima, jumped up by 11 times since last summer

According to the Ministry of the Environment, 1,050,000 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from the soil beside reservoir in Fukushima. Sampling date : 10/25/2012 Location : Beside the pond for agricultural use (Ohkuma machi) Cs-134 : 400,000 Bq/Kg Cs-137 : 650,000 Bq/Kg I-131 : <370 Bq/Kg Distance from Fukushima plant : 10km They also measured [...]

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