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Dr. C Busby talked about supplement scandal and contamination situation to Fukushima Diary

On 3/6/2015, Fukushima Diary visited Dr. Chris Busby’s office in Riga and spent almost a whole day to have a talk. We talked about all kinds of things from ocean


C.Busby “Govs learnt and JP gov became worse than Soviet”

C.Busby talked on The Alex Jones Channel. (Politically, I’m Anarcho-capitalist.)   Iori Mochizuki


C.Busby “You shouldn’t go to Japan even for business trip.”

Dr. Chris Busby on Sky TV 12/20/2011. On the interview, he warns the risk of staying in Japan. Iori Mochizuki


Dr. C Busby quit being involved in CBFCF

Following up this article ..Does C Busby receive money from selling the supplement ?   Dr C Busby has been suspected to be a snake oil seller to sell the


Breaking news “Interview with Busby Part2 [I had nothing to do with the pricing of the pills.]”

In a previous post,”Breaking News: Interview with Dr C.Busby: Part 1“, I asked Dr. Busby the following: We wonder why you don’t make videos with better production than a play


Breaking News: Interview with Dr C.Busby: Part 1

Dr. Christopher Busby, BSc, PhD, C. Chem, MRSC, has been one of the most helpful and insightful sources for Japanese people left in radiation. Dr. Busby obtained a BSc in


3,000 Bq/kg of Uranium238 and 240 Bq/kg of Uranium235 from air conditioning filter in Tokyo

3,000 Bq/Kg of Uranium238 and 240 Bq/Kg of Uranium 235 were measured from the dust stuck to the air conditioning filter in Tokyo. Uranium 235/238 is 8%, which is enriched


Greetings from FD

  Hello everyone. I’m Mochizuki Iori. Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary all the time. I’m trying to make a video like Arnie Gundersen or C busby. I stayed in


What was Fukushima ?

  This is been one of the biggest theme of this blog, and my activity. It’s still vague but we are slowly starting to know what it actually is. From


Breaking news : 8400 Bq/Kg of lead-210 was measured from sample of Yokohama

  Following up this article about soil contamination in Yokohama… Having measured Strontium-90 from the soil of Yokohama, we suspect it may contain plutonium too. We took 200g of the